Valentine’s day, how to coax girlfriend happy? Architecture boys must see!!

May love be at the next corner?..

Well, what should be taught is taught to you.

Ring Clutch

So, after the new year, do you have an object? No, it doesn’t matter.

If our professional knowledge is used in the right place, maybe we can give our girlfriend a romantic Valentine’s Day ~ “romantic introduction to building straight men” hand in hand to teach you how to make your girlfriend happy.

It is said that the straight man of architecture is “soil and wood”? When your girlfriend wants to show off her small waist in an open navel suit, will you say “the thickness of the protective layer is not enough, and the tendons are exposed?” Then ~ girlfriend gets angry! Get angry? Why are you angry? Emmm don’t worry! There are always ways.

Take a look at your love fortune in 2022.


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