Fang Shizhong: open “architecture readable” with more creativity

Q & A: in recent years, Shanghai has carried out a lot of work around “architectural readability”, and what results have been achieved? Citizens and tourists have the most say in whether “architecture can be read” is done well.

In fact, this is the largest symbol of Shanghai’s city culture and a vivid scene of Shanghai’s life.

See ↓ as the main planner behind the 12:00 all media live broadcast of “architecture readable”, what are your feelings and comments on the special program of this year’s Tourism Festival? With the help of more than 40 media public welfare promoters, this year’s Shanghai Tourism Festival was opened in a special Shanghai style and creative way.

The essence of tourism is to meet different people, experience different lives, taste different delicacies and feel different cultures.

The 2021 Shanghai Tourism Festival has begun.

The “reading way” of Shanghai Architecture has realized three iterations from“.

On September 17, in the “night line appointment” column of Shanghai TV news channel, Fang Shizhong, director of the Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, was interviewed.

“The old house in the old lane, the old villa in the deep Wutong, and the skyline of Lujiazui” carry the red culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture in Shanghai.

Starting from Shanghai, which has the most resources, advantages and characteristics, we want to provide new resources, new experiences and new playing methods for our citizens and tourists by shaping tourism with culture and highlighting culture with tourism, so as to make “scenery everywhere, suitable for tourism from time to time, visible and shared by everyone” Become the “poetry and distance” of Shanghai’s urban global tourism, so as to better meet the beauty and joy of citizens and tourists.

“Architecture can be read” is the annual cultural theme set up for the first time in this year’s Tourism Festival.

From 21:00 on September 16 to 21:00 on September 17, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism and Shanghai radio and television jointly planned and launched the special program of 2021 Shanghai Tourism Festival – “architecture can be read” for 12 hour all media live broadcast.

If two words are used to describe the biggest feature of this year’s Shanghai Tourism Festival, they are “broken circle” and “iteration”.

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Over the years, the situation of “locked in the old house and hidden in the alley” has been completely changed.

Taking the 12 hours of morning and dusk in Shanghai as the meridian, and the pace of “urban micro travel”, it connects the sea with all rivers, sees the world Three chapters of poetic dwelling.

The 12 hour full media live broadcast of “architecture readable” has received more than 100 million hits, which is enough to show that “architecture readable” is welcomed by the general public and tourists.


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