Do you understand the thermal insulation materials commonly used in buildings?

It is commonly used for thermal insulation of exterior walls, with affordable price, fire prevention and antifreeze.

Phenolic foam materials are made from thermosetting phenolic resins, which are treated by foaming.

Thermal insulation material is a material with a guiding thermal coefficient below 0.12.

Spanlmetalsiding: the exterior wall, ground and roof of the building envelope account for 60% – 75% of the heat loss of the building.

It has both decorative effect and thermal insulation.

When in use, according to the proportion and water allocation, a microporous insulation layer can be formed.

At the same time, it is smokeless, non-toxic and tasteless.

It is a new type of green inorganic single group dry powder coating.

It will not shrink and embrittle at low temperature.

Common composite metal plates include composite steel plate, composite aluminum plate, composite copper plate, composite zinc plate, etc.

Rubber powder polystyrene particle material this kind of material is based on premixed dry powder mortar, adding polystyrene and other additives and crack resistant fibers.

Expanded vitrified microsphere materials, such as gelatin and other fillers, are also used in inorganic light weight insulation particles.

Its construction operation is simple and its utilization rate is relatively high.

Its compression resistance, thermal insulation, waterproof and fire resistance are good, and its construction is not affected by the weather and environment.

Composite metal plate this kind of material is a plate covered with one or several layers of material on the metal plate.

The raw material of aluminum silicate composite thermal insulation coating is natural fiber, in which a certain amount of inorganic auxiliary materials are added.

It is an environmental friendly material.

Commonly used aluminum silicate composite thermal insulation coatings, phenolic foam materials, expanded vitrified microsphere materials, rubber powder polystyrene particles, composite metal plates and so on.

They are also dry powder mortar materials.

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It is a new environmental protection material in line with the standard and market development…

Building enclosure temperature can effectively reduce building energy consumption, especially when heating and air conditioning are installed at home, which can greatly save the use cost of the system.


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