Do you know the key technologies that enterprises in the field of engineering and construction must master?

Based on the successful application of the specialty of “intelligent building engineering technology” in our university, according to the characteristics of the demand for intelligent professionals in the era of intelligent buildings, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the talent training scheme integrating sensor technology, network technology, multimedia technology and artificial intelligence technology, and discusses the construction of the curriculum system based on the demand of professional posts, And shared the solutions of front-line technical talents in intelligent building engineering.

Wisdom refers to the high-level comprehensive ability of the organization, mainly including thinking, analysis, reasoning, decision-making and so on.

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The process of brain intelligence is the process of transmitting information to the neural center through perception, which leads to knowledge processing in the brain.

Artificial intelligence technology makes the design process more intelligent by simulating the thinking process of designers( 2) Design logic upgrade.

It also allows multi-disciplinary collaborative design of buildings, structures and hydropower.

It includes many factors, such as emotion and reason, intention and understanding, physiological function and psychological function; Wisdom, that is, the ability to take the most appropriate actions taking into account known knowledge and the most favorable factors (moral and social factors); Intelligence refers to perceiving the operating environment of the system, associating the events around the system, making decisions on these events, solving problems, generating appropriate operations and monitoring them.

2.4 lightweight BIM modeling solves the problems related to the actual use of BIM Technology, such as high modeling cost, long cycle, poor display and poor interactive experience.

Therefore, intelligence has five main characteristics: perception, adaptability, self-learning, self decision-making and self realization.

2 key technology system of intelligent construction 2.1 digital modeling + simulation interaction key technology digital modeling + key technology of simulation interaction is the intelligent construction based on digital data.

The main technologies include passive energy conservation, energy-saving buildings, resource utilization technology, pollution control, recycled concrete, removable buildings, customized buildings, etc., It is mainly in the three fields of green building, green building and recycled building.

New technologies, such as building information model (BIM) and artificial intelligence, enable design tools to switch from CAD design to 3D modeling and computer-aided design.

Conclusion the theoretical framework of this paper and the combination of two main logics constitute the theoretical system of intelligent building, which provides a theoretical basis for the identification and follow-up research of intelligent building.

2.5 digital production line enabled by digital building platform in order to promote building transformation and modernization, promote building industrialization, digitization and intelligent upgrading, actively learn the advanced experience of advanced manufacturing industry, build industrial Internet platform in the construction industry and realize intelligent construction in all aspects of engineering construction, Improve the digital construction platform of building information layout for 20 years, and establish the horizontal connection of the whole process, various components and all participants of the project based on digital double barrel and digital technology; All parts of the industrial chain coordinate the design, procurement, construction, use and operation of buildings through the platform, so as to more effectively realize the optimal allocation of industrial chain resources; Data based intelligent services.

The Ministry of land, resources and transportation of Japan implemented “i-construction” on construction sites and productivity revolution on construction sites.

BIM model application scheme includes virtual construction, collision inspection, etc.

The introduction of lightweight modeling technology mainly starts from the two stages of geometric transformation and rendering processing, evaluates the technical advantages and disadvantages and application requirements, reduces the modeling cost, shortens the modeling cycle, and reduces the resources occupied by the model during loading, so as to improve the efficiency, so as to provide strong support for the construction industrialization.

Green buildings, whether buildings or products, should be green, low-carbon, healthy and high-quality, reflecting the value orientation and ultimate goal of intelligent buildings.

Wisdom can be expressed by wisdom, wisdom and wisdom.

1) Update design tools.

Intelligence is the next stage of intelligence.

1 connotation of intelligence the definition of intelligence is similar to that of intelligence, but different.

2.2 intelligent production (1) demand driven production management.

Abstract: in the past decade, the construction industry at home and abroad has regarded intelligent building technology as the key technology for the development of construction industry 4.0, and formulated the development plan and strategy of construction industry.

The proposed conceptual framework of intelligent building is neither perfect nor invariable, but it is dynamic and continuously optimized and needs to be constantly revised according to new ideas and literature..

Architectural design refers to the industrial idea of standardized product design.

In 2015, the Federal Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure of Germany issued the digital design and construction development roadmap, which planned the transformation path of digital design, construction and operation in the field of engineering construction.

The physical world forms the digital dualism, modeling, simulation, optimization and control, modeling, simulation Digital optimization and control and Cr main digital shaping + analog interaction technologies include BIM, parametric shaping, light technology, digital engineering simulation, digital prototype, digital design, digital twins, digital interaction, simulation and simulation capabilities, automatic rule checking, 3D visualization, virtual reality, etc Digital design and simulation and digital visualization technology.

In short, it provides data support for business applications such as planning, design, construction, production, cooperation and maintenance in the construction industry.

in the production preparation process, product and process information will be analyzed and planned according to user needs( 2) The production mode of the factory has changed to the intelligent direction.

2.3 key technology of green low-carbon + ecological environmental protection the essence of low-carbon green + green technology is green leading intelligent construction.

The traditional production method is to produce building components in factories, that is, handicraft production method, with a low degree of automation; Now there is a semi-automatic production line, which uses water for chemical operation; In the future, the fully automated factory production line will be coordinated by CNC production line, 3D printer and manipulator.

It is usually described as agile thinking and rapid response to feedback, so that machines can think and run on the basis of intelligence.

Intelligence means using new technologies to mine the value of data and realize the closed-loop value of data collection, transmission, calculation and analysis, application and traceability.

BIM model connects architecture and manufacturing industry, which simplifies the transition from design logic to manufacturing logic.

Intelligent building production includes production preparation, raw material procurement, parts production, etc.

Green building is an engineering activity, which focuses on the whole life cycle of building, green production and green building products, and realizes sustainable development through scientific management and technological progress, so as to make maximum use of resources and protect the environment.

It can provide more effective maneuver control means for various problems in the construction process by establishing a route and using machine learning algorithm.

Introduction with the acceleration of smart city construction, it has been widely regarded as a traditional construction industry with “high consumption, low technology, high investment and low output”.

Abroad, around the “construction 2025” strategy of the British government, the development roadmap of digital innovation in the construction industry has been formulated.

2.6 UAV patrol inspection technology uses proven unmanned technology, camera, image acquisition processing and recognition technology, and uses unmanned aircraft to replace manual maneuver control.

In the era of intelligent construction, under the macro background of increasingly strict project demand and sharp reduction of employees year by year, how long can the traditional construction methods and means last? Therefore, it has become an important challenge for relevant colleges and universities to cultivate a new generation of intelligent talents combining information technology and engineering construction, set up the specialty of building intelligent technology in higher vocational colleges, and cultivate innovative intelligent building engineering talents to adapt to the national industrial transformation and upgrading.

The design features of standardization are universality, modularity and serialization.

2.5 new technology upgrading in the design stage of intelligent design building includes design tool upgrading and design logic transformation.


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