Can’t eat architectural construction drawings? Look here!

First, carefully read the design instructions to understand the general situation, location, elevation, material requirements, quality standards, construction precautions and some special technical requirements of the building, so as to form a preliminary impression in thought; 2.

It clearly stipulates what kind of building to build, and specifies the shape, size, practice and technical requirements.

4、 Grasp the key when looking at the construction drawing, we must grasp the key in each drawing.

In addition to more contact with the drawings of this type of work, sometimes it is necessary to read the drawings in combination with the whole project drawings in order to make circle cooperation and avoid mistakes.

Finally, look at the structural drawing to understand the relationship between architectural drawings such as plan, elevation and section drawings and structural drawings, so as to deepen the understanding of the whole project; 6.

It is generally carried out in the following order: 1.

Then we should look at the plan to understand the plane shape, bay, depth, column grid size of the house, the arrangement and traffic arrangement of various rooms, as well as the position of doors and windows, so as to form a plane concept of the building and lay a good foundation for looking at the elevation and section drawings; 3.

The construction drawing is the basis for building the house and the “language of the project”.

Generally speaking, we should keep the following dimensions in mind: remember the depth of the Bay, and don’t forget the length and width dimensions; Remember that the floor height and total height are very important; Remember the structural dimensions and make sure the component model is correct; The foundation size is the key, and the structural strength cannot be less; The beam column section shall be recorded firmly, and the door and window openings shall be reserved.

As the saying goes, “no rules, no radius”.

Look at the profile to roughly understand the elevation changes and indoor conditions of each part of the profile; 5.

1、 After getting a drawing step by step, you should first look at what drawing, and then look at what drawing.

Today, I’ll give you some basic methods of map recognition.


For example, “the door is opened from the inside to the outside, the axis is centered by the center, the direction is southeast and northwest, and the wall thickness is a few bricks”.

Whether the axis is in the center or off center on the wall, which floor is in the center and which floor is off center, must be clarified so as not to cause axis errors; So as not to mistake all axes as the center line.

The door has an opening direction in the plan, while the window has no opening direction.

3、 When looking at the drawings, the relationship between each drawing must be clarified.

This is the basic basis and standard of.

If there are no specific dimensions such as length, width, height and diameter on the drawing, the construction personnel can’t construct according to the drawing.

Therefore, clarifying the relationship between each drawing is an important link in looking at the drawing and a basic measure to find problems and reduce or avoid errors.

Therefore, we must learn the method of drawing recognition in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

It can be determined only by checking the detail drawing.

2、 Remember the size content.

Generally speaking, the main relationships between drawings are as follows: the axis is the benchmark, and the number should be consistent; The elevation shall be crossed and the height shall be equal; See the location of the section, and see the detailed index for details; If the standard drawing is used, the outgoing line shall be marked; Requirements and practices, take the instructions quickly; Civil engineering and installation, clearing holes, ditches and grooves; Refer to relevant drawings for materials and standards; Buildings and structures should be compared before and after.

If there is a North compass on the drawing, the North compass shall prevail, and if there is no North compass, the orientation on the general plan and general description shall prevail.

Therefore, there is a close relationship between each drawing of a construction drawing.

Although there are various architectural projects, they all have different shapes and effects through the change of the size of each part.

The orientation of the house must be clear.

Look at the elevation to understand the changes in the orientation, number and height of the building, as well as the requirements for doors, windows and exterior decoration; 4.

The practices and requirements of these different parts are the overall picture of a complete building.

The plan of general buildings shall conform to the law of upper North, lower south, left West and right east.

Because a drawing cannot express the specific dimensions, practices and requirements of each part of a project in detail.

This is free.

There should be primary and secondary.

Many drawings must be used to express the practices and requirements of a certain part from different aspects.

In addition, the detailed drawing or node drawing must be read in detail according to the index symbols in the plan, elevation, section, etc., so as to achieve the combination of thickness and detail and the intersection of size.

Only step by step can we understand the design intention and read the design drawings, that is to say, we should “read the instructions first and then the drawings”; The best sequence is horizontal, vertical and sectional; Check the node and detail drawing; “Comparative reading of building structure”, so as to get twice the result with half the effort.

When looking at the drawing, we must take the axis number and position in the plan as the benchmark to achieve: “there are drawings in hand, axes in mind, thousands of heads and threads, and not offline everywhere”.

Only by grasping the key can we grasp the key and make fewer mistakes.

① In the plan, the key is that some errors often occur in construction have certain commonalities.

Generally, the following aspects should be grasped.


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