Development trend and advantages of smart buildings

Almost all their operation rules are generated by AI, with adaptive and optimal solutions.

The intelligent development process of architecture can be simply divided into three stages: 01 building automation realizes the automatic control of electromechanical equipment in the building, such as elevator, air conditioner and so on; 02 intelligent building realizes the interconnection of automatic control system and information system in the building, that is, automation and informatization (integration of two technologies); What changes can be brought about by the integration of automatic control data and information data: for example, energy-saving applications such as turning off lights and air conditioning in the area according to the clock out of work of personnel; 03 the automatic control and informatization of intelligent buildings have become insensitive.

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It can provide rich human-computer interaction means for easy operation.

Through the building monitoring system, in these rich graphs, column charts and other charts as well as interesting and vivid 3D animation, we can intuitively and effectively transmit the changes inside the building, so as to reduce the operation cost of the building and effectively reduce the building energy consumption, which is of great practical significance for energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.

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If you want to become a smart building, it must be integrated into the state of all data with the building group, so it is always online.

The 3D visualization system is closer to the real buildings and equipment in reality, which is easy for users to accept; Users can not only see the whole system, but also observe local detail data, taking into account the whole and detail.

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It can comprehensively and automatically control the lighting, power, HVAC, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, disaster prevention, anti-theft and transportation equipment in the building.

Realize the equipment management automation of monitoring and statistics of various equipment operation status, and realize the disaster prevention automation centered on safety status monitoring.

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Architecture provides better services for people.

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With the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and other technologies, smart city will be the development goal of major cities in the world in the future.

The electromechanical equipment and intelligent hardware in the buildings have achieved a high degree of autonomy.

Intelligent building is based on a combination of information facility system, information application system, building equipment management system and public safety system.

It has the function of information processing, and the scope of information is not limited to buildings, but also between cities and regions.

The intelligent building 3D visualization system visually displays the operation data of all subsystems in the digital high simulation scene of the building.

Combine structure, system, service, management and optimization to provide a safe, efficient, portable, energy-saving, environmental friendly and healthy building environment.

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As the most important part of smart city, the development degree of intelligent building will determine the transformation speed of smart city.

Low use cost, relatively high construction cost, high return on investment, low life cycle cost social dimension – more comfortable HVAC and lighting experience, more efficient environment, healthier living environment, more humanized equipment and facilities, more perfect security, high space utilization and space flexibility technical dimension – sensor network and control system, new product materials, innovative design, Integrated management, technology penetration, the current building is offline, and all functions or states in the building are only locked in the cement body of the building.

The target environmental dimension of developing smart buildings – environmental friendliness, resource optimization, green energy-saving economy – covers the whole life cycle of construction and operation.

And extract operation data for trend analysis of key businesses such as equipment operation and asset management.

With the rapid development of modern communication technology, computer technology and control technology, intelligent building has become the mainstream of modern building development.

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Whether large enterprises or community residents, the benefits and convenience brought by intelligent buildings to our will have unlimited potential.


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