What if the construction industry faces a crisis? After three days of reflection behind closed doors, I found 10 development trends


Bidding is like touching the lottery.

The era of waves scouring the sand is coming.

When it moves, 600 or 700 companies participate in bidding.

Traditional infrastructure is developing in the direction of “new infrastructure”.

In the future, industry associations will make a difference; At this time, the survival of enterprises is to practice their internal skills internally, improve the construction capacity of construction projects, and shape the enterprise brand externally.

With several qualification reforms, the signs of weakening qualification are obvious.

Due to the increasing maturity of modern building technology, modern computer technology, modern communication technology and modern control technology, the market of weak current system engineering (communication, building, office, fire control and security automation) is huge.

After the release of the data of the seventh census, it shows that the population growth trend slows down and the construction increment also slows down; The national policy has changed from urban expansion type to urban renewal type.

Finally, if you ask me # where the construction industry will go # my answer is: the construction industry will not decline, but there will be a big industry iteration.

The competitiveness of construction enterprises has changed from the era of qualification as king to the era of brand and product as king.

Therefore, I want to think about the future trend of the construction industry from the two aspects of scientific and Technological Development and living needs.

If you calculate this, you will have an income of 5 or 6 million.

From urban construction to beautiful rural construction, Rural Revitalization has become a national strategy.

In the exchange, the most talked about keywords are “crisis”, “transformation”, “risk” and “trend”.

To tell the truth, I lost confidence in the construction industry# Where will the construction industry go # with confusion, I visited several excellent enterprises in the industry, hoping to explore ideas.

At present, the crisis is mainly reflected in three aspects: 1.


New infrastructure refers to the construction of new infrastructure focusing on science and technology, mainly including 5g base station, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet.

It seems that the construction market is a big fat meat, and everyone wants to eat a bite; Look at the big projects around.

It is people’s constant demand for a better life that promotes the development and innovation of science and technology.


Therefore, if you pay attention to the international situation and take the express train of national policy, you will surely get some results.

There is a huge market space for mechanization and facilities in the construction industry.

The R & D and promotion of construction robots is a good development idea.

Prefabricated buildings are being rapidly promoted and popularized.

The problem of construction labor shortage is becoming more and more prominent.

The layout of these seven areas will give you the first opportunity to realize the transition.

New construction projects are developing in the direction of reconstruction, expansion and renovation.

In view of this, enterprises should adjust their talent, technology and business direction accordingly.

However, the settlement is slow to update according to the quota and information price, while the Internet makes the material price more transparent and the engineering profits tend to be meager.

However, in recent years, due to the deterioration of the market, there have been frequent cases of the successful bidder running away with money, being attached to the blacklist, and the partner’s breach of trust, Let the establishment and qualification of branches become chicken ribs, tasteless food and a pity to abandon; Market operation is becoming more and more difficult! 3.

Due to the sharp decline in business performance in the first half of the year, none of the 196 bids won the bid.

Only during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the state will invest 7 trillion yuan in Rural Revitalization.

Through crisis analysis, I found out 10 development trends of the construction industry in the future and found some business opportunities.

The future energy-saving buildings should be warm in winter and cool in summer, well ventilated, sufficient light and intelligent control, Unlimited business opportunities! 2.

New building materials have broad market prospects.


8, from one belt, one road to the international market, the partners who are always concerned about national policies will know that the state is making output from the “one belt” policy because of the saturation of the domestic construction market.


Using local raw materials suitable for new materials, with the help of new technologies and processes, to produce new materials and supply them to large enterprises is a way of transformation.

How to arrange in advance? It is worth paying attention to planning as soon as possible in terms of contacts, talents and technology.

Who won the bid? Except that central enterprises are state-owned enterprises, ordinary private enterprises can only turn into two or even three guarantees.

In order to eliminate interference, I lived in the mountains, reflected behind closed doors, and conducted in-depth thinking for three days.

Increasingly fierce market competition, Let the living space of private enterprises become smaller and smaller.

Prefabricated buildings are like building blocks, and building components can be reused, which not only improves the construction speed, but also avoids the waste of resources.

However, to my surprise, although these excellent enterprises look bright, in fact, every family has a difficult book.

Selecting new building materials can reduce the project investment and the overall maintenance cost of the project.

In modern times, the renewal of building materials is changing with each passing day.

Now the post-80s ~ 90s rarely work in the construction front line.

What do you say, dear construction colleagues? Welcome to provide valuable advice and let’s make progress together!..

In the face of crisis, those who can see the general situation can plan for the overall situation, and those who can plan for the overall situation can achieve great things.

The current building demolition greatly wastes resources, makes it difficult to deal with construction waste and destroys the environment.


New building materials include four categories: wall materials, thermal insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials and decoration materials.

How to find or develop mechanical facilities to replace manual labor? It has become an urgent thing.



During this period, the construction industry, including municipal, garden, environmental protection and other markets, will face major opportunities.

Up to now, many people still stay in the traditional thinking of “qualification as king”.

Intelligent buildings contain huge business opportunities.


The enterprise’s survival is becoming more and more difficult due to the lower and lower engineering profits, the rise of labor costs and the rise of material prices have become the norm.

1ใ€ Current crisis analysis of the construction industry with the slowdown of real estate construction, the sharp increase of the concentration of the construction industry, the insufficient labor supply, the increase of labor cost and the slow recovery of the foreign market have become the pain points of construction enterprises.

How to meet the arrival of this batch of engineering projects? It is worth thinking about by construction enterprises.

What promoted the development of the construction industry? There is no doubt that it is the power of science and technology! So, what is the driving force of scientific and technological innovation? I think it should be demand.

From the leading of construction engineering to the synchronous development of environmental engineering construction, with the introduction of the national goal of reaching the carbon peak in 2035 and the formal operation of the carbon trading market, the proportion of investment in ecological and environmental protection projects is increasing day by day.

Scaffolding Adjustable Base Jack

In the past, it was common for an enterprise to have 20 or 30 branches.

2ใ€ Analysis of the future development trend of the construction industry in ancient times, the main building materials were wood, stone, brick and tile.

I hope you in the same industry can explore together and jointly find a way for the development of the construction industry.


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