Deyang Key Laboratory of architecture and bridge structure engineering successfully passed the periodic evaluation

In order to continue to solidly promote the scientific and technological innovation ability and achievement transformation ability of the laboratory, we will continue to improve the experimental conditions, introduce high-level talents, build a high-level research team, widely carry out the scientific and technological cooperation of “government, bank, enterprise and university”, further improve the scientific research ability and social service ability, and create a new situation for the development of the laboratory in the 14th five year plan…

After three years of construction and operation, Deyang Key Laboratory of architecture and bridge structure engineering has further defined the research objectives and directions of the laboratory, continuously improved and improved the experimental research conditions, implemented relevant policies and construction funds, and strengthened the construction of scientific research team, It has made rich scientific research achievements, carried out full-scale model fatigue test of orthotropic steel deck of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, tension bending double index fatigue test of sling of Longtan Yangtze River Bridge, fatigue test research of new orthotropic steel deck of Xijiang super large bridge of Qingyun expressway, and test research on key stress structures of Huangmao sea sea crossing project – ultra wide split steel box girder, Achieve the expected results in three years.

The party and government of the college attach great importance to the construction of scientific research laboratory, and Deyang science and Technology Bureau and the science and Technology Department of the college give active guidance.

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Recently, in the expert on-site evaluation organized by Deyang science and Technology Bureau, four laboratories including Deyang Key Laboratory of architecture and bridge structure engineering (the “structural technology center” of the college) successfully passed the evaluation, and the evaluation result is “qualified”.


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