Good news | Architectural Institute won the design contract of Chongqing intellectual property court

1 Intermediate People’s court signed the design contract for the reconstruction project of Chongqing intellectual property court.

The establishment of intellectual property court is one of the measures of judicial reform.

Good news on October 28, CCID Architectural Institute and Chongqing No.

Chongqing intellectual property court, as the beginning of deepening the reform and innovation in the field of intellectual property trial during the “14th five year plan” period of Chongqing court, will help Chengdu and Chongqing build into a national influential scientific and Technological Innovation Center.

On June 16 this year, with the approval of the Supreme People’s court and Chongqing municipal Party committee, Chongqing intellectual property court was officially inaugurated and established in Chongqing No.

Figure 2: project leader of outdoor environment improvement scheme: Chen Jian construction team: Chen Jian, Luo Jing, Teng Yunzhi interior design: Zhao Deqiang, Shi Rong electromechanical team: Wu Shuxia, Liu Yu, Li Xian, Xu Yangyang informatization team: Gao Lingli, Chen Cheng structural team: Song Nan, Peng Sisi engineering economic team: Kou Chuanyong, Chen Yuan, Liu Shangren cultural exhibition Chen (Chongqing Aobang Exhibition Co., Ltd.) : Zhou Kai, Chen MI..

The favor of the owner this time not only reflects the ability of the design team to put forward integrated solutions for the owner in professional construction projects, but also tests the ability of the overall cooperation and balance of the team.

Figure 1: interior design scheme of the International Commercial Court   The reconstruction project includes interior decoration, outdoor environment improvement, digital court informatization, and budget list preparation.

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1 Intermediate People’s court.

The successful signing of the design contract of the project enriches the performance of the court projects for CCID Architecture Institute, and the effect of the court’s fist products is prominent.


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