Design and development prospect of intelligent building

Its design involves many contents.

The key work such as system technology, planning and design and product selection is blind, and the overall intelligent building design effect is not ideal.

The intelligent building system includes multiple modules such as weak current system, thermal energy system, lighting system, ventilation and lighting system.

Moreover, intelligent building design must strive to create a comfortable production and living environment, reasonably control the air, temperature, light, security, network and layout inside the building, and fully show the design concept of designers, so as to form an intelligent building that meets the needs of the construction party.

Relevant conditions affecting building wiring during the design of intelligent building, it is necessary to divide the building equipment area, management area, office area and living area, and ensure that the wiring meets the site requirements.

3) A large number of cables need to be laid in the process of intelligent building construction.

Combined with the actual construction situation, when the building area exceeds 20000m2, the practicability and economy of intelligent building design are very high.

In addition to understanding the characteristics of architectural design, we should also understand the design concept and characteristics of intelligent building, master the basic design principles, adopt reasonable methods for intelligent building design, and clarify the key points of intelligent building design.

While dividing the area, it is necessary to adjust the internal control standards of the building with the changes of the external environment to ensure the comfort of the production and living environment, Relevant designers should pay attention to the internal changes and development of intelligent buildings, add necessary projects in time, and leave some space for project increase.

The possible impact of intelligent building design affects the design standards and environment.

2) The energy consumption of air conditioning and lighting in the building system accounts for a large proportion, while the intelligent building can set corresponding procedures, maximize the use of its own conditions, improve the operation of indoor ventilation and lighting system, and achieve the goal of energy conservation to the greatest extent.

Wire Ring Clutch

When the floor height is limited, the flat wire wiring system is generally used.

Through the collaborative participation of various disciplines, we can meet the requirements of intelligent building design.

Its construction is convenient, there is no elevation difference problem, and the layout range is small.

In the actual design process, the construction party must fully understand the needs and concepts of intelligent buildings and pay attention to the intelligent design of the project; The designer must change the traditional design ideas, pay attention to the operability of project construction, reasonably estimate the technical development, and reserve the corresponding system design threshold to avoid unnecessary impact on the project cost.

Some design, construction and construction units have less selectivity for products and lack the concept of system integration.

According to the internal requirements of intelligent buildings, it is necessary to avoid exposing pipelines and ensure that relevant problems such as generic cabling system, air conditioning pipeline system, overhead ground and air conditioning water holding slope meet the requirements of on-site construction and operation.

During the design process, the construction party, the design party and the construction party must arrange professional technicians to coordinate the technology and management based on the design principles of intelligent buildings, unify the engineering design concepts and ideas, fully comply with the economic principles, and actively adopt advanced technologies and processes to ensure that the comprehensive system is suitable for the main body of the building and that the design and construction can be carried out smoothly, Fully understand the responsibilities and scope of the construction party, strictly follow the industrial standards, and ensure the flexibility of the intelligent building system while meeting the use needs of the construction party.

As the main reason for this situation, intelligent building design is due to the lack of understanding and cognition of intelligent buildings, excessive dependence on equipment and facilities, unable to carry out design work on the basis of demand, and there are a large number of intelligent designs inconsistent with the actual demand.

In addition to the partition function, the wall of intelligent building should also provide corresponding outlet, and the space in the wall can be equipped with corresponding sensors and controllers.

The overhead ground connection is convenient, and the double-layer ground can effectively distinguish strong and weak current systems; Prefabricated trunking is mostly used in the reconstruction of old buildings or buildings with geomorphic elevation difference.

Wall and ceiling design in the process of intelligent building design, overhead ground, carpet ground and prefabricated trunking are mostly used for design.

Intelligent building design requires designers to fully understand the contents of industry intelligence level, building functional requirements and overall building scale standards, so as to define reasonable building intelligence standards on the basis of these contents.

The corresponding intelligent building planning, technology, design and products cannot be effectively coordinated and coordinated.

When designing the ceiling, the ventilation, lighting, fire protection and other systems of the intelligent building can be effectively laid out..

Moreover, the design concept of intelligent building cannot be effectively implemented because it does not meet the design standards and specifications, the design data is far lower than the requirements, and the design methods are inconsistent with the construction [2].

Advantages 1) the intelligent building can automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, illumination, color and noise inside the building, create a comfortable and safe production and living environment according to the requirements of the internal living environment, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

It needs to comprehensively consider the needs of safety, operation, energy conservation, protection and so on.

Existing problems China’s intelligent buildings generally have low intelligent level and poor system operation.

The intelligent building system changes the design mode of the traditional construction industry, integrates various advanced technologies into the construction system, and provides an efficient living environment for accommodating and utilizing resources.

The intelligent building design that affects the relevant structural system of buildings should rely on scientific and reasonable structural system for space division and layout.

Many people do not fully understand the intelligent equipment and facilities, resulting in a large number of intelligent building design work can not be completed effectively.

Basic design concept intelligent building design is an important basis to ensure the quality of intelligent buildings.

The key content of design intelligent building design is developed on the basis of architectural design.

Multi Standard strong and weak current wiring can be realized in the building through structured generic cabling system design, which provides greater flexibility for indoor communication and power system construction.

Generally speaking, its development prospect is very broad.


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