Construction project management [3]

civil engineering construction contract, C.

The preparation method of this construction cost plan belongs to the construction cost plan prepared by ().

There are design drawings and technical data required for bidding.

for the project settled by month, the completion settlement is not required.


Answer: Click to view answer 6 Firstly, the total construction cost of the project is decomposed into single works and unit works, and then further decomposed into divisional works and subdivisional works.

Answer: Click to view answer 2 According to the purpose of the claim, the claims mainly include ().

by project composition, C.

if the preliminary design and budget estimate should go through the approval procedures, it has been approved.

because he does not trust the contractor, he can claim additional test and inspection costs.

cost savings of 40000 yuan, the workload of d.32000 yuan was completed ahead of schedule, and the workload of e.32000 yuan was not completed as planned.

claims within and outside the contract, C.


the settlement after completion can be implemented only if the project contract price is less than 1 million yuan.


After being negotiated and confirmed by the engineer and the contractor, B.


The tenderee has been established according to law.

budget cost of planned work, C.


house repair construction contract answer: Click to view answer 10 The owner may lodge a claim for the loss of the owner caused by the contractor.

if the contract period has arrived but the project has not been completed, he can claim the delay damages.

by project progress, D.

project scope change claim and construction period extension claim answer: Click to view answer 3 If there is any engineering change during the construction, and there is only the price of similar changed works in the contract, then () shall determine the change price.

cost overrun of 36000 yuan, C.

Unit price contract, B.

Then the following description of the project cost and progress deviation analysis is correct ().

equipment installation construction contract, D.


The funds have not been implemented.

The following principles shall be followed in concluding the contract ().

single claim and comprehensive claim, D.

– 214, c.170, D.



the principle of equality and fairness, e.

if the quality does not meet the contract requirements, Claim the corresponding cost and profit from the contractor without executing the rework or repair instructions required by the engineer answer: Click to view answer 11 The basic parameters involved in the comprehensive analysis and control of project cost and schedule with earned value method are ().

actual cost of completed works, D.

Reasonable of the following claims are ().


By construction cost composition, B.

Answer: Click to view answer 9 According to different types of construction projects, construction contracts can be divided into ().

If the project progress is too slow and the contractor is required to hurry up, he can claim the overtime pay of the engineer.


actual cost of planned works answer: Click to view answer 12 For a 600mmx600mm all ceramic floor tile ground project, the planned quantity of work to be completed in a month is 2000m2, and the planned unit price is 160 yuan / m2.

cost plus remuneration contract, e.

Which of the following conditions should be met in the construction bidding of construction projects (1).

Cost savings of 36000 yuan, B.

The principle of freedom of contract, B.

the contractor puts forward the price, and the engineer confirms the answer: Click to view answer 4 The following statement about the main settlement method of project price is correct ().



can refer to similar prices, C.



However, in the following () cases, new rates or prices should be adopted for relevant work contents..

If there is no content in the contract, the rate or price of similar work shall be taken.

The engineer puts forward the price, and the contractor confirms it, D.

By the end of the month, the actually completed earthwork is 180000m3, and the actual unit price is 72 yuan / m3, then the progress deviation (SV) expressed in workload of the project is () yuan.

revise the terms of steel structure hoisting construction contract, D.

Answer: Click to view answer 5 Among the cost management measures of steel structure construction of a long-span stadium project, the technical measures are ().

At the end of the month, the actual quantity of work to be completed is 1800 m2, and the actual unit price is 180 yuan / m2.



214, B.

For the project settled by sections, the project payment can be advanced by month.

The principle of legality, D.

Determine the task and function division of the project management team, B.

Cast in Sockets

analyze the cost target of steel structure hoisting operation, C.


propose multiple steel structure hoisting schemes.

do not harm social and public interests, disrupt social and economic order, and violate social morality.

The project payment is settled by month during the construction process, and the advance payment is not required.

by project implementation sequence answer: Click to view answer 7 For an earthwork project, it is planned to excavate 160000m3 in a month, and the contract unit price is 85 yuan / m3.

the principle of good faith, C.



Actual cost of planned work, B.

Construction period claim and cost claim, B.

budget cost of completed works, e.


Answer: Click to view answer 13 For the valuation of engineering changes under FIDIC contract conditions, the appropriate rate or price of each work content shall be the rate or price specified in the contract for such work content.

– 170 answer: Click to view answer 8 Conclusion of a contract refers to the legal act in which both parties reach an agreement (expression of intention) on the main contents of the contract.



if the quality does not meet the contract requirements, he should claim the re inspection fee after repair.



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