Construction carbon neutralization weekly | 1.16-1.22 Jiangxi pilot carbon verification, Shandong’s largest province in carbon emission

On January 13, Yunnan Province printed and distributed the action plan for accelerating the establishment and improvement of the green low-carbon circular development economic system in Yunnan Province.

01 policy related Jiangxi Province: pilot promote carbon verification of enterprises with carbon emissions of 50-10000 tons.

On the morning of January 18, Shandong Province released the completion of carbon emission quota settlement.

Complete the carbon emission verification of enterprises with comprehensive energy consumption of more than 10000 tons in eight key industries with high quality, and pilot promote the carbon emission verification of enterprises in key industries with carbon emissions of 5000-10000 tons and enterprises in characteristic industries of the province.

The main objectives mentioned in the plan are: by 2025, the green transformation of production and life style will be effective, the green elements of high-quality development will be richer, the advantages of “three cards” will be more prominent, the proportion of green industries will be significantly increased, the total emission of major pollutants will continue to be reduced, the intensity of carbon emission will be significantly reduced, and the level of carbon sink will continue to be improved, Green technology innovation, laws, regulations and policies are more effective, and the production system, circulation system and consumption system of green and low-carbon circular development have initially taken shape; By 2035, the level of green development will be significantly improved, the scale of green industry represented by “three cards” will reach a new level, the green production and lifestyle will be widely formed, the carbon emission will be stable and decline after reaching the peak, the ecological environment will continue to be excellent, and China will be a leader in the construction of ecological civilization in an all-round way.

The important contents include promoting the cultivation and growth of energy conservation and environmental protection industry: promoting the development of green environmental protection industry, accelerating the comprehensive utilization of resources and promoting the development of new energy industry; Explore the path to achieve the “double carbon” goal: promote the green and low-carbon transformation of industry, promote the clean and low-carbon transformation of energy, and improve the carbon sink capacity of ecosystem.

On January 19, Jiangxi Provincial Department of ecological environment and Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued Jiangxi Province’s “14th five year plan” to deal with climate change.

The main objectives mentioned in the opinions are: by 2025, build a number of green and low-carbon pilot projects for rural energy, continuously increase the proportion of wind power, solar energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy in rural energy, further enhance the guarantee capacity of rural power grid, develop and expand distributed renewable energy, and widely apply new green and low-carbon models and new business forms, The new energy industry has become an important supplement to the rural economy and an important channel for increasing farmers’ income, and the formation of a green and diversified rural energy system has been accelerated.

National Energy Administration: a number of green and low-carbon pilot projects for rural energy will be completed by 2025.

The main contents include: consolidating the effectiveness of photovoltaic poverty alleviation project; Support the large-scale development of clean energy in the county; Actively cultivate new energy + industry; Encourage the development of new green and low-carbon models and new business formats; Continue to implement clean alternative heating in rural areas: vigorously promote solar and wind energy heating.

Hou Cuirong, deputy director and spokesman of the Department of ecological environment of Shandong Province, said that since its official launch on July 16, 2021, there have been 330 key emission enterprises in the power generation industry in Shandong Province included in the quota management of the first performance cycle of the national carbon market, and 320 approved compliance enterprises, accounting for one seventh of the total number of compliance enterprises in China (2162 compliance enterprises in China), The number is the first in China, more than 110 more than Jiangsu Province, the second largest.

The main objectives include further optimization of the energy structure, effective control of the total amount and intensity of carbon emissions, continuous decline of carbon emission intensity in the industrial field, positive progress in non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emission control, effective improvement of building energy efficiency, significant progress in the construction of green transportation system, and continuous enhancement of forestry carbon sink capacity.

The plan proposes that the province will make new progress in addressing climate change by 2025.

On January 7, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas of the National Energy Administration issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the transformation and development of rural energy and promoting rural revitalization.

On January 14, the general office of Liaoning Provincial People’s Government printed and distributed the “14th five year plan for ecological and economic development of Liaoning Province”.

Shandong Province’s total amount of performance should be 1.154 billion tons, and the actual amount of performance should be 1.152 billion tons, accounting for 99.82%..

The main goal pointed out in the plan is that by 2025, a modern ecological economy industrial system with industrial ecology and Ecological Industrialization as the main body will be preliminarily established, and a green development pattern led by scientific and technological innovation and digital intelligence will be basically formed: the comprehensive strength of ecological economy will be significantly improved, the level of industrial ecology will be significantly enhanced, and the capacity of ecological industrialization will be further released The protection and restoration of ecological resources were further consolidated, and the institutional system and governance efficiency were further improved.

The plan proposes to carry out carbon emission verification of key enterprises.

Yunnan Province printed and distributed the plan for establishing and improving the green low-carbon circular development economic system.

According to statistics, in the first performance cycle, 305 key emission enterprises in the power generation industry in Shandong Province actually performed 1.152 billion tons, with a cumulative turnover of 4.598 billion yuan, accounting for 58.14% of the country.

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The important contents include: deeply implementing the action of energy conservation and carbon reduction, building high-quality green and low-carbon circular Park, vigorously promoting green building materials and green buildings, advocating green and low-carbon lifestyle, creating green and low-carbon public institutions, creating green and low-carbon public institutions, and vigorously developing green finance.

The tasks and measures specified in the plan can be summarized into three major tasks: scientifically control greenhouse gas emissions and integrate them into the carbon peak and carbon neutralization strategy; Active adaptation to climate change; Improve the climate change governance system and five key projects: green and low-carbon circular development and construction project; Clean, low-carbon and efficient energy system construction project; Assist carbon peak carbon neutralization project; Climate change adaptation system construction project; Construction project of climate change control system.

As of January 10, 2022, except for 13 enterprises whose accounts have been sealed up by the court and 2 enterprises whose accounts have been closed down and cancelled by the court, all the other 305 enterprises have completed the performance and achieved “due performance”.

Shandong became the largest province in carbon emission trading.


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