Construction Manual 1 ~ 5 volumes, very comprehensive! Full set of 5925 Pages pdf download

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Volume 1 unfinished ~ ~ ~ Volume 2 unfinished ~ ~ ~ Volume 3 unfinished ~ ~ ~ Volume 4 unfinished ~ ~ ~ Volume 5 unfinished ~ ~ ~ data.

Up to now, it is still a standing book for construction personnel and has a high position in the hearts of engineering people.

Today, we have collected and sorted out these five volumes, removed unnecessary LG and watermark, and now share them with you.

I hope you can study hard and make your modest contribution to the construction of our country.

At the same time, it has made important contributions to promoting the progress of engineering technology and the development of engineering construction.

1 ~ 5 volumes of PDF version, 5925 pages in total, without access.

The construction manual has been published since 1980, the second edition in 1988, the third edition in 1997 and the fourth edition in 2003.

Introduction this time, we share 1 ~ 5 volumes of the fifth edition of the construction manual, which are very complete.


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