Construction log of Jiemei Project Department of Wuxi Jingteng Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. 20210911

Mobilization records of materials, components and accessories: coordination of one vehicle of air conditioning fan: there is no coordination temporarily.

Seventh floor: 85% of the wall base keel is installed, 10% technical quality and safety work record of wall sealing plate: safety and technical disclosure of each team every day, confirmation of construction scope and relevant safety precautions on that day, safe and civilized construction and ensuring project quality.

Fifth floor: 70% of the wall base keel is installed.

Second floor: beam bottom grouting reinforcement third floor: 90% of the wall masonry of the East and West toilets is completed.

Production records: carpenters: 16 people, curtain box fabrication on the first and fifth floors, wall keel base keel installation, ceiling keel installation on the seventh floor, wall base keel installation, bricklayers: 13 people, wall painting on the seventh floor, wall masonry and painting of the East toilet on the second, third and fourth floors, electricians: 13 people, transformation of fire prevention pipes and fire boxes on the second floor, electrical casing installation, Toilet water supply and drainage hole reinforcement team: 6 people, 1 / 2 floor, West toilet beam bottom reinforcement, weak current: 2 people, weak current bridge installation, weak current sleeve installation, air conditioning team: 5 people, air conditioning equipment assembly and handling: 6 people, material transfer on each floor, on-site cleaning construction progress: 75% of light steel keel partition wall on the first floor, 50% of the West sanitary beam bottom reinforcement is completed.

Fourth floor: 90% of the wall masonry of the East and West toilets is completed.

Pre shift Education: hydropower, air conditioning team, reinforcement team, carpenter team, handling team, bricklayer team..

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