[construction information] how to select a qualified franchise company

After one or two years, they sell their qualifications and empty their buildings.

In today’s society, there are unreliable companies in all walks of life, and so is the engineering qualification joining industry.

Under the influence of diligence, innovation and altruism, Nachuan group has achieved an enterprise pattern of more than 17000 branches in more than 30 regions across the country, and has become a group enterprise with the most complete qualifications, the most companies, the best service and the strongest strength among the national engineering qualification franchise enterprises, Provide service systems such as qualification sharing, record sharing, project operation support and scheme formulation for national engineering builders…

Headquartered in Beijing, it is founded by multiple legal persons.

Once their purpose is achieved, they may sell their qualification after upgrading.

Therefore, when choosing a franchise company, we must polish our eyes and find regular and well funded ones, so that the law and funds can protect ourselves from being cheated.

The higher your qualification, the higher your capital to make money.

A company that does branches all over the country has the best qualification to join, because such a group has wider contacts and stronger funds.

They use this method to attract a large number of franchisees.

If it is really what they publicize, how can they make a profit? Secondly, some companies do not join for a long time in order to improve their performance and better qualification level.

Whether you can find it on the four libraries and one platform.

The most common online scam is to lure a branch company with a very low cost.

Chinese enterprise Nachuan Chinese enterprise Nachuan (Beijing) Construction Group Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Nachuan group, was established in 2009 and has been successfully listed.

Nowadays, it is said that engineering construction is difficult to do, but some bosses don’t understand his correct method.

Nachuan group has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “diligence, innovation and altruism”.

So how to choose a reliable franchise company? First of all, only those with dual networks can be guaranteed.

Many bosses want to be qualified to join, but they don’t know how to choose the company.

Imagine that a construction company needs normal operating expenses and the expenses of registered personnel, and the cost is not very low.

Therefore, choosing a reliable franchise company can avoid many detours.

Of course, the joining branch is justifiable and can operate normally.

Now, a lot of publicity about qualification joining is promoted on the network platform.

However, the rise of any kind of thing has its rationality and risk, that is, scam.

Among the member enterprises, there are a wide range of general construction contracting, professional contracting and labor subcontracting, More than 100 construction and design qualifications; Construction qualification includes level I, level II and level III qualification; There are many qualifications such as design, construction, monitoring and expert demonstration.

The company’s qualifications, personnel and performance.

It has nearly 100 engineering companies, including listed enterprises, with a total assets of more than 8 billion yuan.

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