Comprehensive recruitment information for construction (January 15, 2022)

Welcome to recommend yourself, Contact: Ms.

Experience in complete projects of fourth and fifth tier urban complexes is preferred.

Urgent positions: 3 project marketing directors, under the age of 40, with a unified undergraduate course, a base salary of 25000-30000, a total of 90000, working places: Huangshan, Anhui, Xinyi, Xuzhou, Changxing, Huzhou, etc.

Large development space ❗ More opportunities for promotion ❗ ⅸ stable development of the company ‼️ Welcome to recommend yourself 👏👏👏   ☎️ Contact information: 17601388077 (micro signal) [recruitment] 1 Hainan Wuzhishan – manager of integrated management department 2 Taiyuan, Shanxi – Cost Manager 3 Lanzhou Xigu – manager of integrated management department + Manager of Engineering Department: all require blue-green system experience.

Zhang 1874426138448094 wechat synchronization # recruitment information in other regions 🏆 𝑱𝑼𝑵𝑯𝑬.

If you are interested, please contact Ms.

There are 5 hammer workers with an annual package of 350000 yuan.

Contact: Ms.

It is required to be under the age of 40, recruit undergraduate students, with a base salary of 40000-50000 and a total salary of 90000.

Peers in the group give priority to HR direct recommendation.

Urgent recruitment position: Yurun Huai’an project (with a sales value of 5 billion and a 310 meter super high-rise complex) urgently recruits a general manager of marketing.

There is no limit to the major.

Magnetic Thread Disc

The graduation and entry time in 2022 will be July 1, 2022 (internship in advance).


Two welders working for one year and five insurances are required.

Development and Construction Application Manager (familiar with the North District of Lunan Road) 3.

They are required to have working experience and be able to repair machines.

This subscription number is public welfare and completely free to serve employers and peers, so that employers can recruit suitable talents, and each peer can find a suitable post! Welcome to pay attention to and join various professional wechat groups.

The salary is negotiable.

is now recruiting the following positions: 1.

to 5:00 p.m., single day off every week, free lunch at noon, salary: 2500-3000 yuan, five insurances for one year or more, working location: 2, 12# building, Lantian Washington, 2, site management technicians, requirements: male, age: 28-45, with driver’s license, College degree or above, able to go out, site management experience, skilled computer software, and able to use site setting out, theodolite Level instruments are preferred.

Requirements: college degree or above, familiar with Xuchang market, 2-3 years of local experience in the same position in Xuchang is preferred.

Yurun real estate Nanjing headquarters recruits a chief financial officer, and Xuzhou Fengxian and Peixian projects recruit a chief financial officer.

A comprehensive office clerk (assisting in office work, data, dispatching inquiry, financial sorting bills, etc.) requirements: Female, age: 23-40 years old, college degree or above, Proficient in computer office software, good affinity, strong communication skills, financial experience is preferred.

Sheng 18058783629 [Fu] [Fu] Sichuan Zhongshan Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

The salary is 5000 yuan / month during the probation period and 6000 yuan / month after the probation period.

Engineering Manager (Industrial Park project) 2.

Rong 18789378330 (same as wechat) ┎ ✨ Golden auspicious Bay recruitment hot Shengqi ✨ ┒ 🔥 Planning professional manager 🔥 Real estate consultant / channel specialist 🔥 Sales Office [contact information] Miss Chen 15775062438 (same wechat number) welcome peer recommendation or self recommendation [let me see] [let me see] urgent recruitment positions: one development and construction application director and one graphic design manager of Yurun real estate Nanjing headquarters.

Those who can go out are preferred.

Liu, Tel.: 19180935190 📣 Meisheng real estate group is looking for a position: Sales Manager Location: Weidu District, Xuchang.

Xu 13720143079 (same as wechat) welcome to recommend or introduce yourself 🔥 Hongji real estate marketing management Peisheng – honghusheng hot move 🔥🚀 Build a century old Hongji with great ambition 🚀 It is required to have a bachelor’s degree or above.

Working hours: 8:00 a.m.

Human administration manager (Industrial Park project) 🌟 Experience in whole process management and control of industrial projects is preferred.

It is required to be under the age of 40, with bachelor degree, and intermediate injection meeting is preferred..

(see the end of the article for the way to enter the new “property professional group”) recruitment information in Jilin [high salary recruitment of Weifeng real estate] Recruitment position: sales field work} location: Weifeng guitangdong, Lianhua Mountain interview requirements: more than 5 years of working experience / good communication and expression skills / salary of girls under the age of 36: the base salary after becoming a regular is 9000, At the end of the year, there is a bonus Tel: 18686690678 wechat synchronization ————————– recruitment: due to business expansion, Jilin Hongji Basic Engineering Co., Ltd.

After entering the post, they will conduct unified training (2 months) at the Shenzhen headquarters of the real estate group, and then take turns to practice the outstanding projects on sale in the country, One year later, she will be assigned to Shenzhen headquarters or companies in various cities (Zhongshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Hainan, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shandong, Hebei, Shaanxi and other places).

is looking for: planning and Operation Specialist / executive president secretary, recruitment and employee relations supervisor, budget Supervisor (construction company), accountant (construction company) (working place: Chengdu Qionglai Pingle Ancient Town (including food and accommodation)), executive director / Manager Channel (working place: Chengdu Qionglai Pingle Ancient Town (including food and accommodation)) )Job requirements: have working experience in the same position, considerable salary and welfare, can provide accommodation, welcome consultation and negotiation, place of work, Sichuan Province contact manpower: Ms.

The outstanding graduates in 2021 and 2022 will graduate and enter the post on March 16, 2022.

JUNHE group 🏆📢 Sincere recruitment and diffusion [rose] [fist] 1.

☎️ Contact: Mr.


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