Appreciation of architectural design cases of foreign medical clinics

Investing a lot of energy in the new medical clinic shows a step towards designing facilities that fully support the well-being of patients.

The architect consists of many parallel wings surrounded by peripheral blocks, focusing on providing clear circulation space and clear connection of public areas.

Hospitals and medical clinics have always been the center of the development of modern architectural design.

The princess masima children’s Oncology Center in Utrecht uses interesting color schemes, while the large-area wooden interior and exterior finishes (interior and exterior) offset the impersonal atmosphere throughout many medical clinics.

Gutierrez hospital, designed by Mario Corea arquitectura, provides a taxonomic model for flexible and adaptable medical centers.

Photo: joergentrue in the Netherlands, Princess m á Xima children’s Oncology Center designed by liag architects aims to provide more family lifestyles for children’s patients and their parents.

One of the novel features integrated within Aarhus Vejle psychiatric hospital is the use of color light therapy in patient wards to support the rehabilitation process.

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The doctor Gutierrez hospital in Venado tuerto, designed by Mario Corea arquitectura, combines efficiency and adaptability with a ventilated, bright and warm atmosphere.

Photo: Ronald Tillerman psychiatric clinic, such as Vejle psychiatric hospital in Denmark designed by arkitema architects, is committed to providing a safe and calm environment for patients.

This layout can enjoy the beautiful ground landscape, coupled with simple and elegant decoration, creating an environment suitable for people with poor mental health.

Internally, the overall size of the medical clinic ensures that equipment and functions can be updated and changed over time without adjusting the external facade or internal wiring.

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The new medical clinic of haraldsplash hospital in Bergen designed by CFM ø ller is full of quiet atmosphere.

The soft color scheme and the extensive use of wood cladding inside and outside the internal courtyard create a pleasant atmosphere aimed at improving the health of patients.

The compact medical clinic has two atria, surrounding a ward that can accommodate 170 patients and enjoy the scenery of the surrounding valley.

In Argentina, Dr.

A series of one storey pavilions constituting the patient’s residence are connected to the patient facilities through a series of offices.

CFM ø ller’s new building at haralsplass hospital in Bergen, Norway, looks more like a high-end resort than an external medical facility.

The sunlight and pleasant scenery created by liag architects to support the rehabilitation of Princess masima children’s Oncology Center in Utrecht create a quiet environment.

Photo: Niels Nygaard, however, not all medical clinics can be so specialized.

Today, the best clinics combine efficiency and spatial clarity with an increasing awareness of the importance of facility design for patient health and rehabilitation.

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Families can also use common facilities, such as kitchens and game rooms.

The emphasis on development oriented care means that the medical clinic also includes classrooms and a large number of public spaces.

Each patient has a private room with a balcony and an adjacent room where parents can spend the night.


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