Classification standard of project category_ Standard for classification of construction projects

The professional and technical title of a professional technician indicates his academic level or job position, which symbolizes a certain identity.

For example, senior engineer, Professor, researcher, chief physician, senior teacher, etc.

Class III site soil: loose gravel, coarse and medium sand, dense and medium dense fine and silty sand, and allowable bearing capacity of foundation soil[ σ 0] ≤ 150kPa cohesive soil and[ σ 0] Fill soil ≥ 130kpa.

No matter what major you study, when you evaluate the title, your thesis and application for approval are the professional and service unit you are engaged in, and the name is in front of it.

In theory, the title refers to the professional and technical level, ability and achievement of professional and technical personnel.

the title originally comes from the title of the post.

Science and engineering majors such as computer information management, communication engineering, optics and physics are required to apply for engineering title.

Answer 1: low rise, high rise and multi-storey.

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Answer 1: according to the thickness of the covering layer of the construction site And the equivalent shear wave velocity of the soil layer, the classification of the construction site is made according to relevant regulations to reflect the comprehensive amplification effect of different site conditions on the seismic vibration of bedrock.

(2) 2.

Only the review divides the disciplines.


In terms of academic, it has a academic title In terms of professional and technical level, it has the nature of a post.

According to the actual situation of our company’s personnel, the computer major can apply for the Title Review of engineering computer, but first pass the corresponding level of computer technology and software professional technical qualification examination If computer professionals want to apply for engineering technical titles in engineering surveying and mapping, they can not pass the soft test.

Senior Professional Titles: (1) deputy senior.

Answer 2: super grade I, grade II and grade III.

Class IV site soil: muddy soil, loose fine and silty sand, newly deposited cohesive soil; allowable bearing capacity of foundation soil.

Intermediate professional titles, such as engineer, lecturer, attending physician, etc.

The category classification editing site soil refers to the soil layer where the structure is located.

It reflects the academic and technical level and work achievement of professional and technical personnel.

at the time of application, because the project is a general category, you don’t divide the disciplines.

The following China Construction Network introduces how to classify the construction site, and the specific contents are for reference.

Such as senior engineer, associate professor, associate researcher, deputy chief physician, senior teacher, etc.

(2) Senior.

Class II site soil: medium dense and loose gravel soil, dense and medium dense gravel, coarse and medium sand; allowable bearing capacity of foundation soil[ σ 0] > 150kPa cohesive soil.

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It can be divided into four categories: class I site Soil: rock, dense gravel soil.

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Assistant level, such as assistant engineer, assistant economist, grade II teacher, etc.

In addition to the academic degree and qualification certificate of this major, they are also required to have working experience and performance in surveying and mapping.

That is, you can apply for engineering titles as long as you are engaged in engineering work, whether you are a marine engineering major, a computer major, a communication major, an optics major, a physics major, etc.

Answer 2: Assistant Engineer– Engineer – Senior Engineer – Professor level senior engineer if you need it, please add wechat customer service / telephone consultation: 13167878949 academic title level division answer 1: the title is mainly divided into three major levels and five detailed levels: first, primary title: (1) member level, such as technician, three-level teacher, etc.

and grade I teacher.

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Problem description project classification criteria? Standard for classification of construction projects? The grade of construction engineer includes senior engineer, engineer and assistant engineer.

The engineering series should generally have corresponding academic qualifications in science and engineering and engineering technical work experience (filled in by themselves and sealed by the company) Or professional and technical qualification of Engineering Series.

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Our specialty provides you with assistant engineer (primary title), engineer (intermediate title) and senior engineer evaluation and review services, and helps you handle the title of assistant middle and senior engineer, the title evaluation of technician and special worker transferred to engineer, and the title evaluation of engineer.

If you apply for the evaluation of the engineering surveying title and obtain the primary title, you are called an assistant construction engineering surveyor Engineer, the title of intermediate or above is called construction engineering survey engineer.

Generally speaking, when applying for title, no matter what major, as long as the major is science and engineering, they are engaged in You can apply for engineering work.


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