What role does BIM play in green building?

forty-four   Improve the efficiency of construction management.

The application of BIM Technology to green building design will help to improve the environmental protection and resource intensive ability of green building in the whole life cycle and promote the overall transformation and upgrading of green building design.

twenty-two   Improve the utilization rate of materials and resources.

If a construction project adopts the traditional design method, it is difficult to accurately calculate the utilization data and situation of materials and resources, which is prone to waste.

thirty-three   Improve the scientificity of indoor and outdoor design.

In the state of paying attention to the natural environment and environmental protection all over the world, it is the general trend to build a low-carbon ecological city and build green buildings, and BIM also plays its role on this green stage…

Taking the road of ecological sustainable development is the pursuit of the continuous development of human society.

Under the background of digital and intelligent development of construction engineering, BIM Technology and green building design are consistent in time dimension and complementary in core functions.

Through BIM Technology to conduct simulated construction and conflict monitoring before the construction stage, the construction process can be clarified and sorted out, so as to avoid unnecessary and effectively reduce the losses caused by improper construction process.

Introduction: green building is an engineering building with the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection.

By using BIM Technology, indoor and outdoor environment can be simulated by simulating sunshine environment, ventilation environment and other modeling methods, so as to provide accurate basis for indoor and outdoor design, so as to reasonably deal with energy conservation and environmental protection in the process of indoor and outdoor design, so as to ensure that the design work meets the basic requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, Enhance the overall efficiency of design work.

BIM Technology is a model of building information.

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At the same time, through the information of structural components and materials, the quantities can be calculated quickly and the components can be processed accurately.

eleven   Coordinate the relationship between building and environment, use BIM Technology to analyze various data and situations layer by layer through the function of modeling, not only add the specific data of construction engineering, but also input the geological, climate, lighting and other environmental factors of the area, so as to coordinate the relationship between construction engineering and environment, At the same time, it can also prevent problems related to energy-saving design.

fifty-five   The operation management BIM model integrates all the information of construction projects, and has consistency in information transmission, meets the data and information needs in the operation management stage, and realizes the convenience of later operation and maintenance in terms of repair, maintenance, energy consumption analysis, fire control, safety, intelligent operation, etc.

BIM Technology is applied to input material information in the model, dynamically track the whole process from production, delivery to use, and optimize material distribution, so as to avoid waste to a great extent.


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