China Construction port group recruitment, a large number of Posts waiting for you!

Exciting salary (come here to knock money ~) post salary, performance salary, bonus, overseas subsidy, field subsidy, benefit bonus, project realization, etc.

More housing subsidies (undergraduate, 500-1200 yuan / month), one-time resettlement fee (100000 yuan for master’s degree and 150000 yuan for doctor’s degree)! 3.

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Localized jobs (Tiangao renniaofei ~) the branches are all over the north and south of the river, at home and abroad, and the working places are “localized”, “humanized” and “multi regional”.

Attractive benefits (contract your clothing, food, housing and transportation ~), six insurances and two funds, Qingdao registered permanent residence, free accommodation, regular physical examination, certificate allowance, professional title allowance, high temperature fee, heating fee, communication allowance, transportation allowance, birthday holiday benefits, etc.

Recruitment requirements ① fresh graduates with full-time bachelor’s degree or above in 2022, covering graduates with master’s degree and overseas students graduated from January 2022 to August 2022; ② Good academic performance and excellent professional ability during school; ③ Strong comprehensive quality, cheerful personality, good at communication, hard-working and dare to play; ④ Proficient in office and other common office software, engineering graduates proficient in CAD and other professional software; ⑤ Major positions in class and student union, national, provincial and University honors, and internship experience in relevant majors is preferred.

The probation period is 6 months.

How to join us? Online application delivers resumes and gets interview opportunities faster! Publicity itinerary, evaluation entrance, online application entrance, air publicity entrance, etc.

2022 graduates recruitment, we look forward to such you! 1.

Haikuo jumps with fish and Tiangao renniaofei, and there are always jobs suitable for you! China Construction Port Group Co., Ltd.

2 infrastructure Civil Engineering (road and bridge, geotechnical engineering, etc.) Project management / project cost, port channel and coastal engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, road, bridge and river crossing engineering, urban underground space engineering, geotechnical engineering, traffic engineering, landscape engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, safety engineering, logistics engineering, material science and Engineering / inorganic non-metallic materials, etc Chinese language and literature, business administration, financial management, accounting and other related majors 2.

What can we offer you? 1.

you care about here! China Construction port group online application address: Click.

The 4.

It is not a dream to make progress in grass-roots work, temporary posts in the headquarters and overseas job rotation! 4.

Efficient training (help you make progress ~) the perfect “Blue Project” dual tutor training system helps you “pass in one year and become a talent in three years”.

specialty category demand specialty 1 building construction Civil Engineering (housing construction direction), structural engineering management / engineering cost, safety engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, building electrical and intelligence, building environment and energy application engineering, material science and Engineering / inorganic non-metallic materials, etc.

Enterprise positioning: ranked 13th among the world’s top 500, CSCEC’s most competitive port and shipping comprehensive investment and construction group.


The company was awarded the honorary titles of “national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise”, “national excellent construction enterprise”, “national AAA credit enterprise in construction industry”, “national excellent construction enterprise in water transportation construction”, “National worker pioneer”, “provincial civilized unit” and “the most influential enterprise in Qingdao”; Many projects have won “Luban Award”, “Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Award”, “China steel structure Gold Award”, “China Municipal Engineering Quality Gold Cup Award”, “National High Quality Engineering Award” and other honorary titles.

branches are one of the “one belt, one road” countries that are located in over 20 provinces and cities in the country and Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Recruitment discipline No.


The business scope covers the investment, design, construction and maintenance of major coastal port and waterway projects, major inland river navigation projects, municipal public works, housing construction projects, highway, high-speed railway, station building, bridge, tunnel and other road and bridge projects, as well as urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery and other businesses.

Who are we? 1.

In the first year after becoming a regular, the per capita comprehensive annual income is 120000 +, and the average annual wage growth rate exceeds 10%! 2.

Strive to build a diversified development model with distinctive hydraulic characteristics, obvious municipal advantages, strong pull of housing construction and prominent highway characteristics.

Broad promotion space (heroes based on Performance ~) perfect promotion channels, the employment concept of “Heroes based on performance” and the strategic plan of “one competition, two innovations and three haves” build a broad platform for young talents, a large platform to achieve big dreams and a good future with performance! 5.


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