People fascinated by architectural design and outdoor activities — mountain cabin

The circular guardrail combines the new mountaintop restaurant and terrace structure into a design unit.

Adjacent to the living room are two small rooms that can be used as additional bedrooms or workplaces.

It is expected that all work areas will be modularized to the greatest extent.

The selection of durable materials and structures suitable for the terrain can make the cabin have a long service life even under the bad weather conditions of this high mountain and valley.

The new trail and its spectacular scenery complement the new concept of the top of nebelhorn around the station.

The terrace in the middle of the roof can enjoy the mountains around the building 360 degrees.

The design intention is to delimit a fence, dig out the flat ground in the beech forest, and then design a small house in a simple form, taking the house with two slopes as the prototype.

It can protect buildings from the adverse weather of mountain climate.

To the north is a large bedroom with a large window on the gable to observe the northern lights.

The northernmost slotting technique is the large and narrow logs of the late Middle Ages.

The project is built by blue ice, which designs and manufactures mountaineering and mountaineering products and business incubators.

Therefore, it constitutes a micro center of excellence for manufacturing mountain equipment.

The organic form is also suitable for the existing terrain.

The design idea is to create a wide roof with light from north to South running through the natural slope, under which the plan is implemented.

At the southernmost end is the garage, which is built with local wood frame technology and covered with transparent polycarbonate.

It can be accessed from the inside of the complex through the stairs in the refreshment area, and from the outside through the path made of wood nails..

Service information is divided into 16 square meters of tourism office, 20 square meters of audio-visual room, where tourists can watch montepena animal and plant movies, then visit, and finally 10 square meters of small deposit office for temporary rental of mountain bikes.


The basic idea of the design is to open the view of the top of the mountain again.

The great atrium establishes a connection between the north and the main entrance, and you can see the mountains in the south.

The living room has a barrel vaulted ceiling that defines a unique scene with a fireplace and panoramic windows.

Bedonia mountain Service Center, Italy   If, as Adolf Loos pointed out, the horizontal plain needs vertical architectural elements, and the lack of mountain level is one of the characteristics of mountain architecture.

Finally, the recycled sheet metal furniture and metal profiles previously made in the workshop are also placed.

  Natural oak boards surround the building, creating an irregular rhythm on the exterior walls and roof.

People fascinated by architectural design and outdoor activities — mountain cabin     1.

Between the two small rooms is a typical entrance with a gable skylight, indicating that this is the entrance of tourists, rather than the usual entrance through the garage.

The bathroom has the same type of built-in windows that allow sunlight and afternoon sunlight to come in, but not too exposed.

Above sea level, montepena is characterized by mountainous buildings.

Atavalpa ocar house, Ecuador   When the project was asked to build a 110 square meter house in an inaccessible place in the mountains of Ecuador with a minimum budget, the project was finally simplified to the simplest form.

The direction of the building is characterized by alignment with the North / Southwest / East axis, on which two walls (northwest) are set, which not only serve as the generation sign of the shelter, but also constitute a base.


The design intent of this building at an altitude of 1400m is based on the mapping of these design purposes.

The service center, or shelter, is based on some simple and symbolic elements: two volumes are arranged on two different floors and connected to each other through internal stairs; On the ground floor of part of the underground, there is the volume of the wall, which is made of local stone.

The unity of the whole is maintained through the common coloring of dark green, tar based wood oil and the common direction of their gable roof.


The double height space ensures the maximum external vision and provides users with a bright and spacious work space.

It is divided into two functional areas: information service area and tea area.

On the first floor, there is a “hut” shaped volume and a collective element to serve the shelter and related activities.

The purpose is to keep the natural and rough side of the oak, so we decided to keep the bark and do not add any treatment to highlight the natural side of the wood.

In the West facade of the building, the personality of different units is the most obvious, while in the East facade, their continuity and the whole hut are more prominent.

Oberstorf foghorn restaurant, Germany   The transformation of the new nebelhorn peak station and mountain railway station with restaurants has brought significant changes to the 2224 meter high mountain.

A small window in the west is embedded in wood to provide sunlight and a view of the driveway.

From the greenhouse to the south, you can see the scenic peaks nearby.

The glass garage will also be used as a storage room, fitness / exercise room, workshop and greenhouse.

In this room, all traditional wooden joints are exposed and well lit.

They have a lot of equipment, need a comfortable place to change clothes before and after hiking and skiing, and at least provide a dry area for wet clothes.

The living room is made of more elegant 19th-century notched logs, while the kitchen is made of thin, more modern square logs with dovetail notches.

In the whole design and construction process, reduce the complexity of the construction system, minimize the displacement, and compress the execution time within five months.

Formwork Prop

The kitchen is ventilated and comfortable, with a dining table and terrace door in the East.

When the weather is fine, the door can be opened to the West and east to realize a seamless transition between the safe cabin and the wilderness at the door.

The project has manufactured five modular porches covering different project areas; Raise the volume from the ground with foundation and concrete piles towards the main landscape; The porch, beam and joist are solved with eucalyptus wood strips.

The cabin is actually designed for an active outdoor family.

The house is raised (to avoid breaking into the terrain) and protected from the water on the slope.

In addition, the whole structure and building envelope are carefully made with the least materials.

Troll peak Lodge, Mount troll, Norway   First of all, the hut can be said to be a solid and heavy building, using high-quality traditional crafts and local wood.

The new cable station is deliberately designed as a technically independent technical element in functional aesthetics.

In this regard, the cabin can be regarded as either a single unit or four independent buildings.

The low position of the window emphasizes that it is a room where you can sit down and relax.

At the same time, each unit has its own characteristics, which are reflected in their architectural technology and window types.

On the other side, a cavity is created to protect the underground part of the building from light and air.

The purpose of the project design is to integrate as naturally as possible into the extraordinary mountain landscape.

Lesush Mont Blanc base camp, France   Les Houches is a small village in the French Alps, close to Mont Blanc, one of its most important peaks.

The refreshment area is located next to the main functional area.

It adopts the traditional layout, connecting different styles of buildings into a row, and the materials and technologies correspond to different indoor functions, the weather conditions they must deal with and their representative status.

   The external composition is a traditional farm (cluster farm).


The first floor is always made of local wood, and the interior is a space for holding a collective activity.

In the environment where there are many difficulties in construction due to its morphological structure, it is the definition of horizontal plane or the conquest of flat ground as an connotative element rooted in the place.

Buildings with different functions and construction technologies are arranged in a line according to the dominant wind direction.


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