Changde City, Hunan Province will promote prefabricated buildings in rural areas

Gong Dehan stressed the need to understand and promote the significance of prefabricated buildings in Rural Revitalization.

was established in Pingliang Jingning.

Company contact number: 18893345677.

At the same time, it can save cultivated land, beautify villages and take the road of green development.

More than 100 livable prefabricated light steel rural houses are built every year to help the construction of beautiful villages.

In 2019, it obtained the qualification certificate of “grade III professional contracting of steel structure” from Pingliang housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau.

The specific amount of reward and subsidy funds shall be formulated by districts, counties and cities according to the actual situation.

In 2020, it passed the excellent achievement review of livable green rural housing of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

First, quantitative assessment should be carried out with specific indicators.

How to promote prefabricated buildings, the specific operation methods should be clear.

There should be assessment constraints, and the promotion and use of prefabricated buildings should be included in the assessment of Rural Revitalization and village teams.

On September 15, Gong Dehan, vice mayor of Changde City, Hunan Province, presided over the dispatching meeting of rural prefabricated housing construction.

At present, the office of the leading group for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy of Changde Municipal Party committee is issuing relevant documents on vigorously promoting prefabricated buildings in the city’s Rural Revitalization demonstration villages and key assistance villages, and encouraging the first to promote prefabricated buildings in Rural Revitalization demonstration villages and key assistance villages.

Promoting the application of prefabricated buildings in villages is the requirement of implementing the spirit of the central document.

In 2018, it won the second prize of the third “golden swift” national fabricated building light steel award.

Source: Changde daily Gansu Wande Green Building Co., Ltd      In 2016, Gansu Wande Green Building Co., Ltd.

The company has two poverty alleviation workshops to absorb the poor households who have established files and established cards for stable employment.

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Cities and counties should come up with specific incentive policies as soon as possible.

The company is a member of the “green prefabricated rural housing technology innovation strategic alliance”.

We should make good planning and encourage the promotion and use of equipment buildings in the centralized resettlement areas planned by villages.

The assembly building on the conference site is a building assembled on the construction site by factory produced prefabricated components, which belongs to green environmental protection building.

At the same time, light steel craftsmen will be trained so that more rural youth can learn their skills and embark on a road to technology wealth.

The financial and financial departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of the central documents, integrate financial funds and assistance funds, and reward and supplement units and individuals using prefabricated buildings.

In recent years, Changde City, Hunan Province has issued policies such as Changde prefabricated building development plan on how to promote and support prefabricated buildings.

The meeting required to accelerate the application of prefabricated concrete structure, steel structure and modern wood structure buildings, and strive to build a number of agricultural Housing prefabricated building demonstration sites in five years to promote them in Rural Revitalization demonstration villages and key assistance villages.


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