Can’t you buy it on the 4th, 8th and 18th floors? Architect: four floors are really not recommended

Which floor is the anti water floor.

On a small level, in the face of a high-rise building with dozens of floors, many people don’t know how to choose the floor.

Especially in cities with plenty of hot days in summer in the south, you should be prepared to be exposed to the sun when buying the top floor.

This is a typical case of spending more money and not buying a good house.

The reason is that the numbers of these floors are “unlucky”.

Especially in the residential area where people and vehicles are not separated, the noise sources are various, such as the sound of car engines, the sound of chatting in public areas, the sound of entering and leaving the elevator, the sound of pet dogs and children playing, etc; Third, poor privacy.

It is difficult to really enjoy the social resources dividends brought by development, especially marriage and education.

The psychology will be extremely unbalanced.

Over the past 20 years, house prices have risen more or fallen less.

Serious dirty water and fecal water will gush out of the drain on the second floor.

The reason why the waist line layer cannot be bought is also very realistic: first, the waist line layer will sacrifice part of the daylighting, especially the waist line layer on the sub top layer with beams.

Therefore, when buying a new second-hand house, you must go outside and watch carefully.

People outside can see the home directly through the glass.

The fundamental reason why Tiandi doesn’t recommend buying is that the disadvantages are too obvious.

Not only that, because the floor is high, I spend more time waiting for the elevator every day.

We turned a blind eye to the factors that really should be concerned about, such as lighting, ventilation, moisture return, water return, noise and so on, which affect the living quality and change of hands in the later stage.

There are no special requirements for the location of waist lines.

If one of the two elevators breaks down, the time will double.

Although professional lawyers believe that the improper use of upstairs residents has caused the backwater of downstairs residents to be flooded, upstairs residents should compensate for the losses.

It is common to blindly chase high or low.

Third, waist line layer.

The existence of theories such as land finance and real estate driving economy makes many people more confident when investing and buying houses.

A person who lives on the 28th floor revealed that he spends no less than 20 minutes waiting for the elevator at the peak of the morning and evening every day.

In this case, the second floor is the backwater layer – as long as the pipeline is blocked, the second floor is bound to backwater.

In any city city houses are basically “standard”.

Third, it aims at the unparalleled “wealth making” effect of real estate – buying a house is the only effective way for ordinary people to maintain and increase family wealth.

But we happened to catch a fast upward elevator – in the past few years, real estate has ushered in rapid development, and many people have made a lot of profits by investing in houses.

In reality, the waist line design length and width of many buildings are very large, which will not only affect the daylighting of the waist line layer, but also affect the daylighting of the house on the next floor below the waist line layer; Second, the waist line layer is easy to hide dirt.

Although the house is essentially a combination of reinforced concrete, it is the carrier of the family and the sustenance of a happy life.

Of course, this is not absolute.

Some buildings may have many waist lines, and some buildings may not have waist lines.

Waist line is the decoration made by the developer for the beauty of the whole building.

Chinese people are famous for buying houses.

In particular, the first floor, whose building spacing is less than the total height of the buildings in front, has no daylighting for most of the year, which leads to indoor moisture easily, especially in plum rain season, water droplets will even form in the first floor, which is not only difficult to dry clothes, but also easy to mildew furniture and soft decoration; The second is noisy.

In addition, after buying the second floor, some people will negotiate with the property during decoration and change the drainage into an independent pipeline.

Everything inside seems to be exposed in broad daylight and has no privacy.

First, the daylighting is poor and easy to damp.

Especially for second-hand houses, if the landlord doesn’t say, many times the intermediary doesn’t know the truth.

The floors are so high, but because it is the waist line floor, the daylighting may not be as good as many low floors.

In essence, it is the result of the combined action of China’s housing shortage, the needs of economic development, huge demographic dividend, rapid urbanization, financial support and huge demand for house purchase.

The owner needs to consume more electricity and water than other low floor owners, which will undoubtedly increase the living expenses of the owner’s daily life; The third is the great dependence on elevators, especially the top floor of 30 storey super high-rise residential buildings, which has basically reached the point where the elevator can’t go out if it breaks down.

21st century finance and economics once reported that in 2018, a new house in Changsha was flooded twice because of the backwater of the toilet.

House prices have fallen in only three years.

In the view of expert architects, what is really not recommended to buy a house this year and next is “these four floors”: first, I believe everyone has heard this sentence when buying a house, “no matter how poor you are, don’t buy the top floor, no matter how stupid you are, don’t buy the bottom floor”.

We didn’t regret until we bought a house and checked in.

Even now, some people naively think that the houses in small counties have investment value, and many people are still blindly pursuing large areas.

In this way, the anti water layer will become the third floor.

The first floor of some communities does not have independent drainage.

The floor is low.

Second, the anti water layer usually refers to the second floor.

Hundreds of millions of people have long reached the consensus that “house prices only rise but not fall”.

Let’s start with the top floor: generally, there will be three “hard injuries” on the top floor.

Not only that, many people also listen to laymen and are biased by Feng Shui and unlucky numbers.

Of course, the house you buy really belongs to you, and the big red book with legal property rights is secure in your hand; Second, it is better to say that we have to buy a house than that we love to buy a house.

In other words, it is difficult to prove.

Therefore, it is the quality of developers to buy the top floor; The second is the problem of cold winter and hot summer.

Can you imagine that even today, some people think that the 4th floor, 8th floor and 18th floor can’t be bought.

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Its purpose is to make the whole building look better and have a sense of hierarchy.

In particular, the waist line on the lower floor, leaves and all kinds of garbage thrown from upstairs may fall on the waist line..

If the pipeline is blocked, the first floor will suffer.

At present, the waterproof of developers is only guaranteed for 5 years.

The top floor and ground floor here are what we call “heaven and earth floor”.

The first is waterproof.

Chinese people love to buy a house, but that doesn’t mean they will buy a house.

According to architects, the waist line layer of a building is usually on the low floor or sub top floor.

Therefore, it is necessary for the infringed to provide evidence to prove whether the behavior of the adjacent party has a causal relationship with its own damage.

Some organizations have conducted a small-scale investigation and sampling and concluded that the probability of water leakage in the top floor within 5 years is about 30%.

Although many people have made a lot of profits in investing in real estate in the past 10 or 20 years, this is not a great investment concept and investment and house purchase skills.

Besides, the ground floor, that is, the first floor, also has three obvious shortcomings.

The conclusion given by the property is that the sewer pipe is blocked and the backwater in the household on the second floor is caused by the littering of the household upstairs.

However, because the adjacent right dispute is a general tort dispute, the principle of burden of proof of “who claims, who provides evidence” is applicable.

Although the waterproof technology is more and more advanced, water leakage from the top floor still occurs from time to time.

It is basically registered residence and marriage, education, household registration, medical care and so on.

What we say here that many people “can’t buy a house” mainly refers to two aspects: the big level is that many people are simply unable to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the city.

What is an anti water layer? At present, many residential areas in China adopt the “natural drop drainage method”, that is, all households in a building share a sewer from top to bottom, and the first floor is usually an independent pipeline.

We can assure you that as long as you have experienced it once, you may never want to buy a house with an anti water layer in the future.

In the final analysis, there are three reasons: first, it is influenced by traditional ideas such as “house is home”, “shame without house” and so on.


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