Can the cold winter in the construction industry become an opportunity this year?

At that time, the total population of the world was only about 1.7 billion, and there was no vaccine.

100 years ago, the Spanish pandemic killed 25 million to 100 million people.

It is just around the corner to replace petroleum energy with clean energy.

In the past 30 years of development, China’s real estate development has been at the forefront of the world.

The first 30 years were too easy to make money.

The more expensive the more you buy, the same seems to be true in the eyes of Party A.

Design companies in first tier cities have to start pursuing designer quality instead of blindly pursuing designer quantity, which is a good thing for the whole architectural design industry.

We will see that the state-owned and a few private design institutes with the size of Big Macs still stand proudly in the center of Wulin and silently bear the pace of China’s construction.

We will see the rise of a number of star firms that can perfectly balance Party A’s profits, government reputation and public reputation, gain a good reputation in the architectural design market of culture, residential, office hotel and commercial complex, and become the leader of Chinese architectural design firms in winning praise internationally.

This scarcity naturally brings a premium.

Today, the death toll caused by Xinguan is 4.71 million, less than 20% of that 100 years ago.

From the peak of real estate in 2018 to the current three red lines, there is a howl under purchase and loan restrictions.

A sudden decline usually makes people feel disappointed.

Although we are ahead of the world in terms of quantity, in terms of quality, there are still few high-quality development projects in China that emphasize design, narration, functional culture and mutual integration with surrounding communities and are affirmed by developers, surrounding community people and designers themselves.

Some creative young firm bosses have only 4-5 years of experience.

For example, the international fame of the master is indeed desired by domestic government officials.

Some domestic design teams have enough creativity, but few have technical systems and teams to support their realization.

Human life is moving towards 120 and 150 years at the rate of 10 and 20 years.

Large companies with hundreds of people above the scale began to worry about whether their weight and the width of this single wheel were in a perfect ratio, so that they could support themselves out of this ice lake, and their weight could only be borne within a limited range.

Cell therapy has conquered cancer, and the research and development of a variety of vaccines has curbed the spread of the new crown.

The private firms we have survived from 1997 to now have existed for 24 years.

With the thunder of many head real estate enterprises, the fall of black swans, the butterfly of fate flapping its wings and blowing out a cold wind of death, the pain of falling ordinary is really not light.

We will see that all projects are treated with a design attitude, not simply distinguishing between public buildings and residential buildings.

Double Ended Ferrule

More and more composite functional buildings appear in a plot to meet the different needs of the government, the public and developers.

From more than 20 years ago, China did not have a Chinese architectural firm that could compete with international firms, to the rise of Chinese star architects such as Ma Yansong, Zhuang Ziyu and Meng fanhao, more and more Chinese firms are winning awards in the world every year, and they are still making progress and exporting better and better designers and works for the architectural design industry.

Now is the best time in the history of Chinese architectural design.

It is human nature that we despise no one and belittle ourselves.

Outer space tourism has become a reality.

For example, the modeling is indeed eye-catching.

The design fees of Chinese firms are not so high, but it is not easy for Chinese designers to make money in China.

Weight loss is a cruel and necessary thing to do.

However, it is not without cost to take 30 years to go through the development path that other countries have only taken 100 or even 200 years.

Every year, the wolf came.

People’s resilience is beyond their imagination.

However, at present, few can achieve it and there is still a long way to go.

If you ask Wen Chu’s architect again five years later, he should still be doing architectural design.

How can we talk about quality control and product quality of large projects? Party A’s design manager needs a team that can stably deliver works that can support creativity.

How can he convince the boss that he can really make enough innovative works within the specified time? How dare the boss invest money without the support of rich past cases? Therefore, many high-end projects invested by owners still need to refer to foreign cases or use foreign mature design teams.

While muttering that he has to work overtime, he also sent a wechat to his wife that he won’t come back for dinner at night and accompany you to buy bags at the weekend.

China has seen the Shenzhen competition, and make complaints about the high cost of designing foreign offices, but foreign designers make money easily in China.

The global acquisition of properties can even export real estate products and ideas to foreign countries.

The undercurrent under the ice is turbulent and will be swept away by the undercurrent if they are careless.

In the next five years, we will see the vigorous development of rural architectural design to a new stage.

Compared with foreign firms with a history of 50 or 70 years, we lack historical precipitation, new and old handover, practical experience, design tools and solid design talents, which need time to make up.

The wolf finally came in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Is the architectural design industry dead? If he was a young architect of a midstream private company in 2021, he expected to earn a bucket of gold by fighting his youth, and then the company announced to start layoffs and salary cuts, and the bonus was not available at the end of this year, his feeling would be hopeless.

For example, the design cases of foreign firms in China have indeed become famous online popular scenic spots, driving the rental rate of business and office, popularity and consumption.

Such a voice has become the mainstream.

Human nature is always pursuing progress and a rising route.

The setbacks that can’t defeat you today will become your strength in the future.

We Chinese architects have a broader vision, look at the world and focus on China.

Our attitude towards the architectural design industry is the same.

This year, most private companies are like riding a unicycle to perform acrobatics on thin ice.

Now, after the housing bonus is exhausted, it will inevitably force developers to give up running volume and high turnover.

But looking back, it is actually closer to the era of design theory that architects aspire to than at any time in the past 30 years.

Despite all the difficulties.

Five years later, the frustration brought to architects by private high turnover will disappear.

We will see that the developers who survived the cold wave have successively developed composite high-quality projects, not just cultural tourism or super high-rise or residential, office and commercial projects.

The undercurrent of layoffs and salary cuts has begun in a number of private companies.

A large number of small and medium-sized firms have found their own market by Rural Revitalization and urban renewal, avoiding the cold wave of high turnover and shutdown in those years.

Developers have a strong demand for creative design, but few design teams can meet the landing standards.

We do recruitment and know how scarce designers who understand design, development business model and government demands are.

The change of developer strategy brings about the change of architect training direction of design institutes and firms.

After all, people who regard architectural design as a career will not care about the ups and downs of the past two years..

After all, the output is stable, and the whole team has cooperated with experts for more than ten or twenty years.

You also know that it is not easy to make money after all.

I can feel that the day when a hundred flowers bloom will arrive in the near future, maybe five years later, maybe ten years later.

If you ask him at that time, is the architectural design industry dead? He would say: it’s over.

Architects who see the future market development direction this year will lead the trend of the market; Architects who adhere to their original intention and Practice for ten years will be rewarded by the market.

However, foreign design fees are expensive, and there may be some reasons why they are expensive.

Optimistic, we are at the peak of human society.

In the Shenzhen competition and bidding field, we and international masters also win or lose each other.


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