Buy an existing house for the new year and enjoy the convenience of life. The building area of grand China government is about 108-166 square meters. It’s a low-density residence in the new year. The special price is coming! Please refer to 0558-8776777 for details!

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“Water drop” aesthetics of Architecture“Water drop” aesthetics of Architecture

Frame-concealedentrancedoorsisdesigned andproducedbyGlazingtec independently, whichconformstotheEur opeanUnionCEstandard.TheproducthasalsobeenapprovedbytheStatePatentOffice (pat entnumber:4787554 ).Thesteel profileofthisdoortypeisimportedfromEurope withstri ctcoldbendingprocess.Thestructureissolidandcorrosion – resistant.Theframe -concealedentrancedoor hasgoodsealingperformance,soundinsulation, dustprevent ionandotherfunctions.Thebottomofthedoorleafissealedbyautomaticbottomsealwhichreducethe  theerrorcausedbythegroundintheinstallatio nprocesstotheminimum.Itisthefirstchoiceforhighqualityentancesolution Minimalist design is not only the form of architecture, but also the material and technology .