The Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development launched a “hundred day battle” for safety production in the field of

The “hundred day battle” is an important part of the three-year action of special rectification of urban construction safety and the work of “big start, big investigation and big rectification” of safety production.

  First, check the personnel in key positions.

  The third is the supervision and inspection stage.

  Fourth, check the investment of safety funds.

  First, we should improve our political standing.

  According to the principles of “industry management must manage safety, business management must manage safety, and production management must manage safety” and “enterprise implementation, industry supervision, hierarchical responsibility, and promoting reform through investigation”, the “six inspections” are carried out with the focus on housing construction and municipal engineering.

Recently, according to the research and decision of the special party group meeting on the evening of August 20, the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development issued the implementation plan of “100 day battle” for safety production in the field of construction in the whole city, carried out the “100 day battle” for safety production in construction in the whole city, and required to quickly reverse the passive situation of safety production in the field of construction, Ensure that there are no safety production accidents in the construction field before the end of the year.

  Third, we should implement the responsibility of rectification.

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From the perspective of stressing politics, we should fully realize the importance of carrying out the “100 day battle”, effectively enhance our political consciousness and action consciousness, enhance our sense of responsibility and mission, strengthen our responsibility in combination with the study and education of party history, and solidly promote the implementation of various work measures.

  With strict supervision means, rigorous work style, strict law enforcement punishment and serious accountability, we have deeply carried out the “100 day battle” for construction safety production in the city, zero tolerance for major potential accidents and non rectification of potential accidents, a “big start” for potential accidents in the city, and ensure the dynamic “clearing” of potential accidents, Strictly prevent all kinds of production safety accidents.

  Fourth, summarize the improvement stage.

Focus on checking whether the project site has established a complete real name platform attendance management system, and the on-the-job rate of main management personnel of the construction and supervision unit; Sign and affix the practicing seal on the relevant office documents, and whether there is any sign on behalf of others; Whether the project management personnel conduct safety inspection according to the regulations, whether they fully grasp the safety production status of the project, and whether they hold regular safety production meetings, etc.

Lifting Loop

Focus on checking whether the construction unit has taken corresponding safety construction measures and emergency response plans according to different construction stages, surrounding environment, seasons and climate changes, whether it has carried out emergency drills in combination with the actual situation of the project, whether it has implemented the duty requirements, emergency material reserves and the establishment of emergency team, as well as epidemic prevention and control and vaccination.

Focus on the implementation of the special action of “seven inspections and seven prohibitions” against high falling accidents of the construction unit, strengthening the safety of pipe network engineering in the field of housing and urban-rural construction, the safety management of concrete mixer and concrete pumping process, the special rectification of scaffold, the protection and management of underground pipelines in municipal engineering construction, etc; As well as problems such as non-standard preparation of special construction scheme, non implementation of approval system, incomplete testing data, non implementation of quality and safety manual system, non demonstration of special scheme for ultra dangerous and large projects, and incomplete management archives; Whether the operation in confined space is “ventilated first, then tested and then operated”, and whether relevant operation protective equipment is equipped.

  Clarify the time node and implement it at different levels“ The “100 day battle of tackling tough problems” will start today and end on December 31, which is divided into four stages:   First, the mobilization and deployment stage.

The top punishment shall be implemented, and the means of interview, exposure, restriction of bidding, suspension of the qualification of enterprises and employees, and inclusion in the “blacklist” of joint punishment shall be comprehensively used to ensure the implementation of measures and form an effective deterrent.

Whether the construction unit has subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, transfer and lending of qualification, and whether the construction unit or individual has affiliated behavior; Whether the supervision unit reviews and checks the qualifications of relevant construction units and personnel, prepares supervision implementation rules for dangerous and large projects, and implements special patrol, side station and acceptance for the construction of dangerous and large projects.

  Sixth, check the emergency disposal on duty.

  The second is the stage of self inspection and self correction.

  Second, check the construction market behavior.

  Third, check the potential safety hazards of entities.

All competent departments are required to thoroughly investigate and rectify the potential safety hazards in the construction field within their jurisdiction, collect and sort out typical cases, take relevant videos, photos and other evidence materials, and report a batch of materials for public exposure before October 20.

  Second, we should carefully organize and deploy.

Focus on checking whether the construction unit dismembers the contract and contracts the project to units or individuals without corresponding qualifications.

Focus on checking whether the construction unit has strictly implemented the system of training construction workers before taking up their posts, and resolutely put an end to private recruitment and indiscriminate employment, employment without certificates, illegal operation of workers, etc; Whether the safety technical disclosure system is strictly implemented, whether the disclosure is signed and confirmed by both parties in writing, and whether it is implemented at the operator level; Strictly investigate and deal with fraud and formality in education and training and technical disclosure.

Focus on checking whether the construction unit pays the cost of safety and civilization measures in full and in time in accordance with the contract; Whether the construction unit has withdrawn the cost of safety and civilization measures and used the cost for various safety expenses, whether there is misappropriation, false expenses, etc.

If the planning permit is not obtained, the construction shall be stopped, and a copy shall be sent to relevant departments for investigation and punishment; If the construction permit is not handled, the construction shall be stopped and investigated and dealt with in accordance with the measures for the administration of construction permit of construction engineering.

We should strictly investigate and deal with all kinds of potential safety hazards, adhere to the principle of investigation and reform, inspection and reform, and ensure that investigation and rectification, law enforcement and investigation, tracking and supervision run through the whole process of centralized rectification.

Projects with major potential safety hazards that cannot ensure safety shall be resolutely shut down for rectification; For enterprises with serious illegal acts, law enforcement measures such as “four uniformity” shall be strictly implemented.

  Clarify the key points of rectification and highlight safety management.

The competent departments under each jurisdiction are required to further refine the work plan, comprehensively carry out mobilization and deployment, form a joint force for rectification, and ensure practical results in view of the persistent diseases such as the failure to implement the main responsibility of safety, weak safety awareness and lack of safety supervision force.

During this period, the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development will form an unannounced visit team on the 25th of each month to conduct circular unannounced visits to the city’s construction projects, and timely invite the media and send discipline inspection and supervision teams to participate in law enforcement supervision and inspection.

Source: Lu’an housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau.

Fifth, check the disclosure of education and training.

All construction, construction and supervision units are required to continuously carry out self inspection and self correction according to the “six inspections” in the scheme, improve the safety production system, establish “three lists” on a rolling basis, and rectify all kinds of potential safety hazards in time.

  Fourth, we should strengthen emergency response.

It is necessary to strengthen organization and leadership, carefully organize, carefully deploy, clarify responsibilities, refine measures and widely launch.

All competent departments are required to seriously summarize experience and practices, consolidate work results, analyze existing problems, put forward improvement measures, and establish and improve a long-term mechanism for self inspection and self correction of potential safety production risks and prominent problems.

At the same time, it shall report to the competent department at the first time.

All competent departments shall establish and improve the emergency response mechanism, strengthen coordination and communication with emergency and fire rescue institutions, and achieve rapid response and scientific and effective disposal in case of accident or emergency.

  Clarify work requirements to ensure effectiveness.


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