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Familiar with CAD and 3D drawing software, familiar with decoration materials, design experience in home decoration / tooling industry, familiar with construction technology, quotation budget and other knowledge.

Be able to give the estimated cost of various consumables and tools according to the structure, area and price of market materials.

The company provides marketing support.

Designer   Comprehensive monthly salary: 5000 ~ 20000, major in interior design and related, college degree or above.


For jobs above, you can contact us directly by telephone Please say you are looking for a job in Ningxiang( Forenoon reminder: to ensure the success rate of communication between WeChat and WeChat, please contact each other between 9 a.m.


Please click on the official account below to check out:.

Contact person: manager Yu: Tel.: 13548685443.

Front desk customer service    2   Comprehensive monthly salary: 3200 ~ 6000, good image temperament, warm and generous, with good communication and expression skills.

Home decoration consultant   15   Comprehensive monthly salary: 5000 ~ 10000.

Budget Engineer   Comprehensive monthly salary: 3000 ~ 6000.

492 Wuyi Avenue, Changsha.

Meidi decoration has the national first-class construction qualification issued by the national housing and Urban Rural Development Commission, won four national home decoration engineering patents, won hundreds of National Design Awards (including the gold award of China interior design competition for five consecutive times), has been listed on CCTV for many times, and has been rated as “top ten brands in China’s decoration industry”, “the best design institution in China” and “decoration enterprise with the most design leading strength” Honorary titles such as “national formaldehyde free environmental protection decoration demonstration unit”, “top ten enterprises of design institutions in China’s home decoration industry for 20 years”, “top ten model construction site enterprises in Hunan”, “Hunan green home decoration demonstration enterprise”.

Aspiring young people with passion, ambition and ideals.

HR specialist   Comprehensive salary: 3500 ~ 5000, with relevant working experience and good expression ability, specially responsible for recruitment and training.

There are 36 prefecture level municipal branches across the country and hundreds of designers.

and 5 p.m.

Hunan Meidi architectural decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Click the blue word to pay attention to Hunan Meidi architectural decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Once employed, the above posts enjoy high commission + all inclusive accommodation + holiday benefits.

It was established in 2001 and headquartered in grain and trade building, No.


Work carefully and carefully.



Contact address: 4th floor, Meidi decoration opposite Molin Hotel, Huaming North Road, Ningxiang city.

(hereinafter referred to as “Meidi decoration”) is a famous trademark enterprise in Hunan Province.

thank you! There are more exciting jobs to be recruited.

Responsible for interior decoration market development and real estate responsibility management.

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