Building water supply and drainage from drawing reading, embedding to installation, an article is done

The drainage pipe is glued and connected.

The slope of 2% should be made when tiling later.

The embedded schematic diagram, which is not on the previous plan, is mainly used for the connection of water supply and sewer pipes and the installation of water supply and drainage pipes in the later stage of sanitary ware installation.

When embedding, we can find the position by comparing the drawing with the formwork made by the formwork.

Next to the urinal are three squatting pan positions, with the center distance of 365685685565mm respectively.

There is only one toilet on the second floor.

The height of infrared horizontal line is 55 cm away from the wall, and only about 52 behind the pink wall.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole Nail Plate

The distance between the front water squatting hole and the toilet hole is 35 cm.

There is a urinal on the right side of the door.

There is also a circle 0 next to the column.

The shower has two floor drains, and two 7.5 cm holes shall be reserved during embedding.

There is a DN50 floor drain outside the urinal.

Each water supply point is equipped with 20 inner wire tee or inner wire elbow, and the triangular valve is installed when the cleaner is installed.

First find the position of the door and window, which are marked on the drawing, that is, m0921 is the door, the inner door, the door opening width is 1m, and c1206 is the window, the width is 1.2m.

A dn75 hole should be reserved.

The appearance after the connection of each sewer on the right side of the door and the appearance after the connection of each sewer on the left side of the door.

It is located in the middle of the south of the whole building.

Remember these ten items..

There are two rings next to the column, which are the positions of water supply pipe and drainage riser.

Three dn160 holes shall be reserved, with the center 55cm away from the wall.

The design installation height of the toilet water tank is 80 cm, the height of the water supply point can be in the range of 40 ~ 60, and the distance from the center of the drainage pipe is about 15 cm to the left.

At the position of column 2, the building area is about 13.2 square meters, that is, it is 4 meters long and 3.3 meters wide.

For the position of the sewer riser, a dn160 hole should be reserved.

The distance from the left and right are 44 cm, 35 cm, 35 cm and 36 cm respectively.

The brick table is generally more than 20 cm, so the outlet of the sewer pipe is basically flush with the ground, and the excess height of the reserved pipe should be cut off.

The design requirements are that the main pipe is steel plastic composite pipe with screw connection.

The general arrangement is as follows: there is a 60 cm wide mop pool on the left side of the door, next to a wash table, and three faucets are distributed.

PPR pipe is hot-melt connection.

How can he save so much money by controlling the cost? Have you learned how to make people? It’s not difficult to do a budget, but it’s not easy to do a good budget.

Here we mainly discuss from looking at the plan to embedding and later installation.

There are two shower positions next to the washstand, and the distance is also marked on the drawing.

Layout plan from this plan, we can see the overall layout of the second floor.

The distance between the water center and the wall, the length of the finished squatting stool, the distance between the water outlet and the floor drain, the installation of the floor drain, the installation of the squatting stool, the installation of the platform, the tiling, and the water tank sample after the tiling ~ ~ recommended reading ~ ~ maliciously defaulted on the wages of 126 migrant workers.

The boss of a construction labor company in Jiangxi was sentenced.

DN50 and dn160 holes shall be reserved.

When the water supply pipe is buried in a concealed way, the plug is pressed inside when the wall is plastered.

Let’s just look at the layout of the bathroom.

Therefore, threading machine threading is required, the branch pipe is PPR concealed laying, and wall slotting is required.

The plan of the toilet is opposite to the drawing.

For building water supply and drainage drawings, we generally need to see four drawings: design description, plan, detail drawing and system drawing.

There is only one dn75 water outlet.

After waterproof and before tiling, it is necessary to place the squatting pan and build a table.

A dn110 hole should be reserved.


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