Building structure | structural design of Haikou rainforest Heart Project

Sadi original design project rainforest heart will be born here.

In the design, the anti overturning problem of the structure under large earthquake is met by increasing the thickness of raft, increasing the weight of substructure and setting uplift piles.

The architectural scheme adopts three tree towers, which means the center of the whole park rainforest.

Due to the complex spatial relationship of the project structure, the traditional calculation and analysis software can not realize the spatial positioning of the structure, and the accuracy of the calculation remains to be discussed.

Single modeling software for architectural renderings cannot realize the complex architectural shape and structural relationship of the project.

The architect does not want to have columns, resulting in the maximum span of the connecting bridge of about 60m, and the plane is c-line, and the torque of the structure is also great.

In the design, a certain prestress is applied to the tie rod to ensure that the structure will not relax under the upper air suction and vertical earthquake.

The vast sea is surrounded by vast and hazy mountains, and the coconut forest with a shadow of the trees.

During the review, Fu Xueyi, a national survey and design master, and other transfinite review experts patiently guided and put forward valuable opinions..

In the design, the stress performance and force transmission path of the structure are carefully studied.

The connecting bridge is between the three towers.

The plane shape of the upper structure is inconsistent with that of the lower part, and there is a large cantilever gap on both sides of the structure.

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The calculated length of structural members under complex support conditions is determined through stability analysis.

It is composed of three viewing towers and interconnected bridges.

Schematic diagram of structural cantilever 2 In addition to the complex grid space relationship, the staggered connecting bridge of three towers increases the difficulty of structural design.

In the early stage of the project, grasshopper is used for parametric modeling, and AutoCAD three-dimensional module is used for grouping processing and local modification and improvement, and then the calculation and analysis software is imported.

The seismic fortification intensity of the building site is 8 degrees (0.30g), and the design earthquake is divided into the second group.

Since the surface is a free-form surface in space, it is necessary to ensure that the upper flange of the rectangular pipe is parallel to the surface, and all rectangular pipes need to twist a certain angle in space.

The unique shape of the three towers is “naturally heterogeneous”, which affects each other, resulting in a complex wind environment.

The spatial relationship and stress form of the structure are relatively complex.

Under the vertical load, the stress of the lower cylinder is unbalanced, and there are even a few members in tension on the side with few overhangs.

Therefore, SAP2000, a general finite element analysis software with powerful spatial modeling function, is used for structural calculation and analysis.

The three-dimensional model map shows that the terrain of Haikou with high intensity and high wind pressure brings many difficulties to the wind resistance and seismic design of the structure.

Gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind of Haikou’s beautiful West Coast, the yellow star is the star of the public.

The vertical maximum values of horizontal earthquake impact of frequent earthquake, fortification earthquake and rare earthquake are 0.24, 0.68 and 1.2 respectively, and the basic wind pressure in Haikou City is 0.75kn/m2 (n = 50 years).

Foot Eye Anchor

The nonlinear buckling analysis dynamic elastoplastic analysis project passed the special review of seismic fortification of transfinite high-rise buildings.

The connecting bridge in the rainforest rotates around the tower, forming the architectural effect of “winding path leads to secluded and suddenly open”.

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Due to the special conditions of the project, the connection type of the steel structure (the connection type of the steel member) and the connection type of the high-rise building are defined as the transfinite structure (the connection type of the steel member is irregular), and the connection type of the high-rise building is defined as the transfinite structure.

Numerical wind tunnel and physical wind tunnel experiments show that due to the mutual interference of buildings, many parts of the structure are adversely affected.

The project is located in Xiuying District, Haikou City, with a total construction area of 4500 m2 and a building height of 42m.

(Android and iOS users operate alike), looking at the beautiful west coast of Haikou.

Through the whole process of construction simulation, the influence of the construction process on the stress and stiffness of the structure is studied, and the static and dynamic performance and cable failure analysis of the connecting bridge are supplemented, Supplement the influence of local wind load on the structure.

The connecting heights of the towers are different, and the whole connecting bridge winds up around the tower.

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In the process of construction simulation, sadi complex structure design and Research Center (hereinafter referred to as “Research Center”) has done a lot of analysis work for structure overrun.

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The research center adopts the overall model of single tower and multi tower including connecting bridge for envelope analysis, compares the structure with SAP2000 and PKPM (Spas + PMSAP) to ensure the correctness of structural analysis, carries out elastic time history analysis, equivalent fortification earthquake and rare earthquake analysis, and carries out elastic-plastic dynamic time history analysis of the structure with Sauage.

Considering that there is no legal person, in order to obtain the torsion angle of each component, according to the characteristics of the project, Matlab is used to prepare a specific program, determine the torsion angle of each component through three-dimensional coordinates and relations in space, and revise the structural model again, Achieve the final calculation model.

The unbalanced cantilever causes the structure to tilt to one side under vertical load.

In order to reduce the structural span and achieve lightweight architectural effect, stainless steel tie rods are added at the appropriate position of the connecting bridge to reduce the structural span and reduce the torsion of the structure.

After the wind tunnel test model and the basic data of wind pressure distribution on the building surface are determined, the project team found that the structure itself is a structure with large top and small bottom.

The linear buckling analysis of the structure and the nonlinear buckling analysis considering the geometric and material nonlinearity are carried out; The anti overturning special analysis is carried out for the overall stability of the structure, the stress state of the connecting bridge and its impact on the main structure are analyzed, and the vibration comfort of the connecting bridge under the action of people is analyzed.


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