Bian Xiang presided over the special action promotion meeting for the comprehensive treatment of construction waste in the whole region

Deputy district head Li Yidong attended the meeting.

We must always maintain the situation of high pressure, strict investigation and heavy punishment, so as to make the illegal discharge and dumping of construction waste become a high-voltage line that can not be touched.

Joint investigation and control must be further strengthened.

        On the afternoon of September 26, Bian Xiang, deputy secretary of the district Party committee and head of the District, presided over the promotion meeting of the special action for comprehensive treatment of construction waste in the region, implemented the deployment requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and rescheduled and rearranged the special action for comprehensive treatment of construction waste in the region.

Urban management is not only an important political task, an important responsibility of the Party committee and the government, but also an important embodiment of the business environment and a major livelihood.

The services of waste discharge and transportation must be further strengthened.

To do a good job in the comprehensive treatment of construction waste, Bian Xiangwei stressed that first, we should take the comprehensive treatment of construction waste as the key task of current urban management.

Source control must be further strengthened, highlighting source management, strengthening site management, and focusing on supervising and urging the construction unit to implement management responsibilities; Strengthen the management of village residents, and all towns and streets shall immediately carry out the investigation and rectification of construction waste in the villages under their jurisdiction; Strengthen the property management of construction waste, formulate management measures and control it from the community.

Lifting Anchor

We will investigate and deal with them together, punish them in the top grid, and attack them when they appear.

To do a good job in the comprehensive treatment of construction waste is the key task deployed by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the focus of the problems exposed in the supervision of ecological and environmental protection, and the focus expected by the masses.

The problems of indiscriminate stacking of construction waste and savage transportation of residue are important factors for the “dirty, chaotic and poor” urban environment.

3、 We should strictly implement the responsibility of comprehensive treatment of construction waste.

Effectively strengthen the organization and leadership, establish a special class for the comprehensive treatment of construction waste, and establish and improve the mechanisms of inspection, supervision, guidance, research and judgment; Earnestly implement departmental and industrial management responsibilities, timely, decisively, orderly and effectively perform regulatory responsibilities, and prevent regulatory gaps; Earnestly implement the local management responsibility of towns and streets, so as to “defend the land with responsibility and efficiency”; Effectively strengthen the supervision and handling.

District sanitation, urban management, housing and construction, traffic police and other departments should strengthen the frequency of joint law enforcement, strengthen information sharing and connection, increase publicity, form a deterrent, and achieve the whole process and whole period control from the source of construction waste, on the way to the consumption place.

         At the meeting, the District Environmental Sanitation Center, Urban Management Bureau and traffic police brigade respectively reported the progress, existing problems and next steps of comprehensive treatment of construction waste; Shengjing Street made a typical speech; Deputy district head Li Yidong gave specific opinions on doing a good job in the next step.

The dredging, planning and construction of construction waste treatment should be strengthened, the lines and time periods of waste transport vehicles should be further standardized, and the leakage and environmental pollution should be reduced.

At present, it is a critical period for the city to create a national model city of civilization.

We must resolutely investigate and deal with the illegal discharge and arbitrary dumping of construction waste.

The punishment and crackdown according to law must be further strengthened.

The District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the government supervision office and the urban management committee should earnestly play the leading role, strengthen the supervision and handling, find problems in time, form a special supervision report and be seriously accountable; To effectively form a joint force of work, we should adopt multi-form and multi-channel publicity, mobilize mass supervision, form a good remediation atmosphere of government leadership, departmental supervision, enterprise responsibility and social participation, ensure the successful completion of the task of comprehensive remediation of construction waste, strive to provide a good living environment for the masses, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment and acceptance of a civilized model city..

Towns and streets should carry out investigation and control regularly.

Relevant departments at all levels must keep a clear mind, fully realize the extreme importance of the work, and seriously grasp the special action of comprehensive treatment in a highly responsible spirit.

2、 We should further strengthen the comprehensive treatment of construction waste.


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