Comparison of advantages between light steel buildings and brick concrete buildings

A light steel villa is composed of more than 10000 components, with stable performance, high accuracy, complete overall structure and not easy to crack.




a typhoon traveling at the speed of 100 m / s will bear 2.5 tons of wind pressure per square meter of traditional buildings.

A house can not be built until one year; The construction process of Anju building in Hebei adopts dry construction, which is not affected by the environment and seasons.

The composite wall of Hebei Anju light steel villa is combined with glass fiber cotton and extruded thermal insulation board to avoid the “cold bridge” phenomenon of the wall and give you a living experience of “warm in winter and cool in summer”.

Correspondingly, with the increasing prices of building materials and labor costs and the increasing cost of real estate construction, it has fallen into a vicious circle.

   In recent years, the traditional real estate has been in an increasingly downturn, and various rescue policies have emerged one after another, but the relative effect is not great.

Geological hazards:   In geological disaster areas, the foundation subsidence caused by the excessive weight of brick and concrete leads to the collapse of houses.

The house is firm, the light steel main body is rust proof and mothproof, which is suitable for areas with seismic intensity of grade 9, can withstand the basic snow pressure of 1.55kn/m2, and can resist grade 13 hurricanes!     3.


has special professional designers, and on this basis, it is also striving to cooperate with other excellent designers to customize your villa privately, with various styles and elegant appearance.

Sound insulation  : The national standard sound insulation is 40 dB, but most traditional houses can not meet this standard.

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Then, compared with the traditional brick concrete houses, what are the advantages of light steel buildings? 1.

All the components of Hebei Anju light steel house are standardized by the factory, and more than 90% of the main materials can be recycled and rebuilt.

Damp: brick concrete houses are damp, and long-term residence is very harmful to human body.

Hebei Lintang Meiju Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

  At this time, a new type of light steel structure house – light steel villa has a large number of users because of its service life of 90 years, material recycling rate of 90%, earthquake resistance, wind resistance, fire resistance and durability.

Thermal insulation  : The thermal insulation effect of brick concrete houses is poor.

Design, modeling and use area Hebei Anju Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

In the face of frequent earthquakes in recent years, the state attaches importance to the reform of buildings.

The sound insulation effect is poor, which seriously affects the quality of life! The sound insulation loss of the outer wall (200mm thick wall) of Hebei Anju light steel villa is 65dB, and the sound insulation loss of the inner wall (double-sided double-layer 9.5mm gypsum board, 181mm wall) is 44db.


Earthquake:   The earthquake itself does not hurt people.

Typhoon:    Typhoon is a huge energy bank with wind speeds of more than 17 m / s, even more than 60 m / s.

It is hot in summer / cold in winter.

Most roofs add half a layer for thermal insulation and increase the cost.

The construction time of traditional houses is long, and the owner himself is very hard.

However, the self weight of light steel houses is light, which is only about one fifth of that of brick and concrete structures and about one eighth of that of reinforced concrete structures, so as to greatly reduce the bearing capacity of the foundation and reduce the foundation subsidence  。  4.

Comfort 1.

Under such a strong wind force, houses will be seriously damaged and collapsed!      Hebei Anju company adopts advanced double-sided galvanized light steel main body and imported OSB European pine plate to form a “plate assisted structure system”.

In fact, it is the collapse of non earthquake resistant buildings caused by the earthquake.

Safety 1.


It can be built all year round, and the standard house type can be completed efficiently in about 30 days.

The traditional brick and tile buildings are no longer promoted by the state, and the prefabricated light steel structure houses have gradually replaced the traditional houses.

The construction site adopts the way of pre assembly and dry operation, which improves the civilization of the construction site and is green and environmental friendly.

Cracking  : Cracks occur from time to time in brick and concrete houses, and maintenance and rework are time-consuming and laborious, affecting the living.


There is no grass at the construction waste generated by environmental protection and demolition of brick concrete houses, and the environmental pollution is relatively serious! Demolition is difficult, especially for large vehicles.

No construction can be carried out in case of rain, snow and frost.


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