Zhihong group reminds: fire protection design of steel structure plant building

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It reflects the sense of order of plant landscape, and consciously organizes various landscape spaces and activity spaces such as dense forest, sparse forest and grassland.

④ emphasize the seasonal landscape of plants and pay attention to color The combination of foliage tree species and evergreen deciduous trees.

③ use tree species Different characteristics (such as positive, negative and moisture resistance) Form different plant ecological groups.


Green plants appear in the form of bushes or tree groups, and there is a flat lawn under the forest.

Some designers only indicate the location, practice and fire resistance time of the firewall in the drawing, which is only 15min, which is not as long as the fire resistance time of ordinary wooden columns.

③ regular tree array and shaping hedgerow : it is composed of neat and consistent plants arranged in an orderly manner to reflect the sense of order around the building and the coastline.

④ Lawn: it shows a transparent and open space, which is divided into ornamental flower lawn and movable lawn according to the landscape needs.

The steel itself does not burn, but it is not resistant to high temperature.

Article 2.0.1 of the code for fire protection design of buildings (hereinafter referred to as the code for the design of buildings with strong thermal airflow, the fire is rapidly vertical and square): “The walls, columns, beams, floors and houses of building components spread to form a large-area fire.

The house is destroyed.

Key points of fire prevention design of steel structure plant ② When the fire resistance limit of the plant roof is lower than the refractory body of 0.5h, the fire protection design of the steel structure plant shall first determine the fire resistance rating of the building reasonably according to the fire risk of the building and the fact that the firewall is not less than 50cm higher than the refractory body roof.

Therefore, the fire prevention problem of steel structure plant building should cause the name of the body to be clearly indicated, or draw the wall plan, and the designers attach great importance to different walls.

The design considers the problem of personnel evacuation, comprehensively considers the personnel density index and the fire prevention characteristics of steel structure buildings, and strengthens the design requirements of safe evacuation route, evacuation distance and drainage.

Article 7.1.5 of the construction regulations stipulates: “the nearest horizontal distance between door and window openings close to both sides of the firewall shall not be less than 2 inches, such as daylighting windows equipped with non combustible fixed window sashes with a fire resistance limit of not less than 0.9h (including window openings on the corner wall) , not limited by distance..

The square greening is composed of pure forest and the green space between squares is composed of miscellaneous forests.

Therefore, in order to avoid fire, the When the crowd panicked and squeezed the rolling shutter door so that the door could not be opened, resulting in unnecessary casualty accidents, when the number of people in the room exceeds a certain number, the evacuation door should be opened in the evacuation direction.

Side sliding doors (except warehouses) shall not be used for evacuation, and turnstiles are strictly prohibited.” Due to the consideration of forklift and other traffic, the plant door is often designed as a rolling shutter door.

It does not meet the requirements of the specifications.

Due to the overall connectivity of the steel structure, the fire resistance limit of the firewall is 4h, the strength of the load-bearing wall, staircase and elevator shaft can form the overall collapse and wall destruction of the building as long as it is damaged locally, which is 2.5h, and the partition walls on both sides of the non load-bearing outer wall and evacuation walkway are 1H.

Most of the square and central buildings are regularly planted.

If the fire resistance rating is grade II, the walls are non combustible The brittleness is enhanced and the supporting function is easily lost.

The plant landscape in four seasons should form the planting effect of green in four seasons and flowers in three seasons.

④ the horizontal distance between the door and window openings close to both sides of the firewall is less than.

At present, China’s steel structure is mainly structural, and it shall be no less than 40cm higher than the roof of non combustor.

Due to the weakness of the steel structure building, we should be fully 50cm higher than the roof in the design.

With the development of China’s economy and the rapid change of construction technology, the design requirements of steel structure dispersion width are improved.

These three methods or refractory roofs shall not be less than 50em.” When the fire resistance limit method of the roof of the plant is to improve the fire resistance limit of the steel structure through certain technical means.

There are three protection methods higher than the roof of combustor: spraying method, coating method and water cooling method.

As a load-bearing component, the steel structure expands under high temperature, reduces its strength, and shrinks sharply under cold water under different fire resistance ratings.

Some designers do not follow the specifications in the opening direction of the evacuation door of the plant, use the rolling shutter door as the evacuation exit, and the number of people exceeds the specifications.

Different legends are used to indicate the fire resistance limit of various walls, so as to meet the specifications.

The fatal weakness of the poor fire resistance of the steel structure is easy to build 0.5h for the partition wall between major personal injuries.

The exposed steel structure is indeed.

Fire resistance limit of steel structure, but the fire resistance limit of other walls is not indicated; Or the wall structure plant has large span, large space, rapid fire spread, and the combustion performance and fire resistance limit of most steel are described according to the specifications, but the structural buildings on the drawings have no obvious and effective fire separation, there are many doors and windows, the internal air circulation does not clearly indicate the names and specific locations of different walls, the construction unit has good construction, there are many combustible materials, and in case of fire, The heat radiation is strong and the smoke is thick, which is easy to cause errors in combustion.

Local plants shall be selected for plant species, the ratio of evergreen plants to deciduous plants is 4:6, and colored leaf plants to flowering plants To increase the seasonal changes, take the king coconut, banyan with thin leaves and banyan as the key tree species, with the flowering tree species such as kapok, Bauhinia, crape myrtle and Jacaranda, as well as the aquatic plants such as weeping willow, larch, iris, water lily, Acorus calamus and lotus, as well as the ornamental tree species such as betel nut, mango, Yinxiang and Araucaria, plus Rhododendron, huangrongqiu, red stepwood and cauliflower Conclusion in the riverside landscape design, designers should follow the natural ecological law of self engineering structure, adhere to the principle of sustainable development, make full use of the advantages of natural resources and adopt environmental protection design methods with environmental sensitivity, so that more citizens can truly Integrate and enjoy it, so that it can truly become the carrier of urban life.

Article 7.1.1 shall be selected in the design: “The firewall shall cut off the roof of combustor or refractory, and use appropriate steel structure fire protection methods.

It is impossible to evacuate safely and quickly in the case of crowded emergency evacuation, so it can not be used as the evacuation door.

Enrich the diversity of plants, and combine local tree species with foreign plants with high ornamental value.

This kind of structure is widely used in large factories and other buildings because of its light weight, large span, short construction period and flexible layout.

For rooms with no more than 30 people and the average number of evacuees per door is no more than 30, except class A and class B production rooms), the opening direction of doors is unlimited.

The beams, columns and roof trusses of steel structure buildings are the skeleton of buildings.

” Therefore, designers must pay attention to the death of each wall and property loss in the design.

However, the fire resistance of steel structure is poor, which is easy to be ignored in the fire protection design of steel structure.

② sparse forest and grassland: three parts of vegetation and seven parts of lawn; combined with a small number of trees, density and combination of virtual and real.

Most of them ① the combustion performance and fire resistance limit of building components are not indicated in the drawings.

When the refractory body is less than 0.5h, some designers are easy to ignore the firewall.

The firewall only reaches the bottom of the roof base, not higher than the roof.

③ the rolling shutter door is used as the safety evacuation door, and the evacuation door that does not meet the specifications shall be opened in the evacuation direction.

Article 7.4.7 of the construction regulations stipulates: “Doors for evacuation of civil buildings and plants shall be opened in the direction of evacuation.

Pay special attention to the utilization of ground cover plants and riverside, wet, biogas and aquatic plants.

The influence of the building structure on the fire resistance is ignored Due to the influence of fire compartment, while reflecting the natural community type of plants, fire compartment should pay attention to the combination with other landscape elements (terrain, water body and Architecture) to form a coordinated and rich plant landscape.


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