Basic conditions for fire control acceptance of construction projects

Fire power supply ① the fire power supply of important equipment has been connected according to the design, and the two-way power supply of the end control box of fire power equipment such as fire pump, smoke control fan, fire elevator and accident lighting can be switched automatically.

Outdoor fire water supply ① the fire water supply system of the building has been connected with the municipal water supply network according to the design; ② Outdoor fire hydrant and water pump adapter have been installed and opened.


Safety management ① fire safety organization and automatic fire system operators have been implemented, trained and qualified with certificates; ② Fire safety management system and emergency plan have been formulated.

Fixing Socket

Fire extinguishing system ① the fixed system has been installed and debugged according to the design; Commissioning report has been prepared; ② The hose, water gun and water hose in the fire hydrant box have been fully equipped, and their placement and connection of hose interface can meet the use requirements; ③ The power supply of the fire pump and the automatic switching of the main and standby pumps have been in place; ④ The color code of the system has been implemented; ⑤ The automatic water extinguishing system has been tested by professional institutions, and all technical indicators meet the specification requirements; ⑥ Fire extinguishers have been equipped according to the specification requirements.



Civil engineering part ① the civil engineering part is completed according to the design and construction approved by the public security fire protection organization; ② Firewall, walkway, room partition wall, staircase, front room, fire center, fire pump room, electrical room and other important or dangerous room walls have been built to the structural floor; ③ Each layer or every 2-3 layers of cable and pipeline wells shall be tightly sealed with non combustible materials equivalent to the fire resistance limit of the floor slab at the place where they pass through the floor slab; The pores formed at the places where cables and pipes pass through walls and plates have been tightly sealed; ④ The door closer of fire door has been installed and debugged; The surrounding fire passages have been unblocked.



Connectors with different functions shall be set with obvious signs.

Smoke control system ① the system has been installed and debugged according to the design; ② The wind speed, wind pressure and smoke exhaust volume have reached the design index through the detection of professional testing institutions.

The emergency generator has been commissioned and put into operation; ② Emergency exits and walkways are equipped with emergency exits and evacuation indicator lights as required, and have been powered on and put into normal use.


Automatic fire alarm system ① the system has been installed and debugged according to the design; Commissioning report has been prepared; ② The fire center has the function of directly forced opening and closing of fire pump and smoke control fan; ③ The alarm, linkage control, emergency broadcasting, fire communication and other functions of the system have been tested by professional institutions and meet the specification requirements.


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