At the age of 41, the “cross-border trend pioneer” graduated from the Department of architecture died, and the pioneer’s creativity came to

Virgil abloh began to try to be a DJ at the age of 18.

More than that, he often gives speeches at famous architecture and design schools around the world, including GSAPP of Columbia University Graduate School of architecture, GSD of Harvard University Graduate School of design, etc.

His stage name is flat white, which is very important for his future artistic practice.

He once said, “the most important thing I learned from Bauhaus and early architecture is that there is no boundary between media, and the boundary only exists in human perception.” △ the psychedelic scene designed for men’s wear in spring and summer 2022 is right.


foreword: preamblelouisvuitton’s first African American men’s clothing art director, founder of top fashion off-white and well deserved traffic king in the design industry, Virgil abloh, unfortunately died of cancer on November 28 at the age of 41.

VirgilAbloh © Jason Schmidt 01 who influenced Virgil abloh’s design philosophy? In 1980, Virgil abloh was born in Rockford, Illinois, USA.

Kanye directly hired him as the creative director of his creative agency donda as early as 2011.

△ Virgil abloh gave a speech at the Graduate School of architecture of Columbia University © Gsappstudent “young architects can change the world without designing architecture – Virgil abloh” during his study of architecture, Bauhaus deeply influenced him by the concept of integrating art into design.

△ left: Ludwig miesvander Rohe; Right: Virgil abloh and his chair.

Solid Lifting Socket Cross Pin

In 2018, he also created a color gradient style for this classic chair ▽ which perfectly interprets his most famous “3% Rule”: in the design, only 3% more changes are made on the basis of the prototype.

(wechat: together design), as an online book for designers, it professionally creates design inspiration, and interested non friends can pay attention to it.

No wonder he was regarded as an enlightenment mentor by Virgil..

In 2003, Virgil got a master of architecture from Illinois Institute of technology.

The courses of Mies van der Roh School of design also directly affect his broad aesthetics of design, and some structural aesthetic furniture designed by Virgil are paying tribute to it.

When he was interviewed after becoming famous, he was outspoken, “these lives are my inspiration”.

The design concept of “no break, no stand” truly reflects the Millennium generation’s eager desire to break through the inherent cultural circle.

Although there are different opinions from the outside world, no one can deny the success brought by this model.

His youth was infiltrated by street culture such as skateboarding, hip-hop, rock and graffiti.

His most useful element “readymade” was pioneered by the artist Marcel Duchamp.

As an adult, Virgil listened to his father and studied civil engineering as a bachelor.

He has “climbed” to the top of the fashion industry at a young age.

Xueba’s temperament is a little leaked.

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Louis Vuitton then released a short film called virgilwashere on the tubing, His 2022 spring / summer collection fashion show will be displayed in Miami at 5:30 p.m.

During this period, Virgil worked with creative teams such as Joe Perez to create Kanye’s most classic album cover.

He never defines himself.

△ Virgil abloh created the last autumn / winter men’s clothing series for LV.

Virgil abloh uses his unique courage and energy to establish a successful path of cross-border communication with the field of fashion design.

(Eastern time) on November 30 to pay tribute to this great creative genius.

her parents are immigrants from Ghana, Africa, and are truly “Grass-roots” families.

Somehow, seeing this sad news, I can see his art film amenbreak just launched this year It describes a pair of black father and son reunited due to the death of their relatives, crossing a door to enter the other side of the dream, just to tell their parting words to their relatives on the other side.

Virgil ablo From September 30, 1980 to November 28, 2021, LV, off white and his own ins home page successively published a large number of eulogies to commemorate the regretful departure of the fashion pioneer.

Virgil’s life is short and warm.

Edison also sent a group photo with Virgil abloh on his INS to express his memory.

This article has been authorized before the text begins.

The abstract style of the 17 minute film shows the theme with metaphor and an alien journey, which seems to herald Virgil abloh’s conclusion to life.


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