Dialect and Architecture (Audio) | Ning Wanzi: Memory of the Old Street – Dongguan Guancheng Arcade (Dongguan Guancheng dialect)

Although the old city is no longer prosperous, it will always be a good memory of Guancheng people.

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To this end, the Dongguan County Government at that time forcibly recommended arcade buildings in these commercial areas, demolishing streets, repairing roads and building arcades.

They advocate giving a reward of one yuan every month.

The arcade in Guancheng was nearly destroyed after war.

Only some time-honored brands are still operating with the help of the old street.

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It is mostly of brick and wood structure, generally two or three floors.

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People traded goods here or strolled for entertainment.

Under the sunset, there are still elderly couples walking on the arcade.

The old streets are narrow and crowded, and are no longer suitable for development.

The arcade, as the city card of Dongguan and the spiritual home of the people of Dongguan, should be well protected and inherited.

In the old days, the arcade was very busy and bustling.

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In this old arcade street, there are still many living conditions from the past to the present.

Although some arcades have been demolished and some have collapsed due to disrepair, this old street has been well preserved after all.

The arcade complex in the old city of Dongguan is located along Daxi Road, Zhenhua Road and Zhongxing Road, and was planned in 1930.

At that time, several characteristic commercial streets had been formed in the old city of Dongguan, such as Daxi Street specializing in tin ware, Ma Street specializing in jute, Wenfang Street specializing in cloth, and Piglet Fair specializing in piglets.

The arcade is adapted to the southern subtropical climate, with the main function of sunshade and rain protection.

Thank you for your understanding! For Dongguan people, the old street in Dongguan is like a childhood home.

Despite the rapid development of the city, Zhenhua Street still retains its most primitive attitude and is quietly located in a corner of Guancheng.

Every little makes a mickle, and our cause is promising.

You can ride your bicycle freely to and fro between the arcades, and you can hear the “jingle” of bells in the streets and alleys.

Due to the decline of the old street, there are not many pedestrians in Zhenhua Street, and most of the shops are closed.

In the hot summer, you can still see the white-haired old man fanning on the street.

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Today, cars are parked on both sides of the arcade, and the roar of cars and the sound of horns have become the main theme of the old city.

The bottom floor of the arcade is a shop or shop, and the upper two or three floors are used as a shop, office building or warehouse; The back of the arcade is the inner street, and the door of the houses generally opens to the inner street and alley.

Perhaps, in the near future, Zhenhua Street will become lively again after being transformed and renovated.

Some people have operated a shop in Zhenhua Street for decades, while others have lived on the arcade to watch the old street from prosperity to vicissitudes.

Guancheng arcade – our eternal home.

From the Yingen Gate Tower to the west, cross the Guancheng Bridge, and then arrive at Zhenhua Road.


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