Architectural map 135 | Qingdao: between mountains and seas

The layered structure strategy of landscape roof can be continued in facade design.

It has the conditions and ability to receive the performances of world-class art performing groups.

Magnetic Steel Chamfer

Here is the famous ocean bungee jumping point, and an air restaurant is designed at the end.

The old urban area has the distinctive texture left by China’s modern urban planning and layout, and the new urban area has large-scale contemporary buildings with creativity facing Laoshan and Jiaozhou Bay; The focus of Qingdao can be in many different aspects.

While shaping urban landmarks, the landscape form also breaks the concept of “layer” in the building, makes the space flow and enhances communication and interaction..

Qingdao is a city with its own characteristics of mountain, sea and city.

Kerry Hill’s classic way of explaining the beauty of the East with minimalist design can be seen everywhere, whether it is the use of courtyard, waterscape or light and shadow.

The bright perforated anodized sunshade can provide appropriate light conditions for the exhibition hall according to the exhibition requirements.

Under the transparent blue sky and abundant sunshine, the sea and sky glow with the building.

The central courtyard not only brings sunshine and air to the interior of the building, but also establishes a visual connection between the inside and outside due to the lifting of the building shape, which encourages the occurrence of communication and interaction, and creates a necessary atmosphere for the innovative research activities contained in the building.

The 22m high columnless space can meet the diversified contemporary art exhibition.

In order to reflect the beauty of mechanics, the outdoor facade steel structure is exposed, and the curtain wall skin is omitted.

Leaving the Phoenix’s central body to the multi-functional performance hall, it is transparent, open and full of communication and interaction.

The door can connect the outdoor space and create more possibilities for art exhibition.

06 design of Haier Global Innovation Model Research Center: DC International + Sn ø hetta, 2017 coordinate: No.

277, Jiulongshan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao Photography: three scene image / Wang Kai, as one of the few completed works of the late Australian architect Kerry Hill in China, Qingdao Hanbi building has attracted many attention since its completion.

Among them, hall 5 adopts the combined frame structure of ultra white tempered glass rib + stainless steel.

The art museum is built near the sea, and the exhibition halls are distributed along the coastline.

1 meter × The 5m anodized aluminum electric sunshade fan system is developed for the art museum project.

Phoenix main body is two rectangular spaces: multi-functional Performance Hall and thousand person Opera Hall.

02 Phoenix sound Grand Theater Design: wide building, 2018 coordinates: Golden Beach (Phoenix Island) in Qingdao West Coast New Area Photography: three scene image / when Wang Kai accepted the case, the owner had put forward the concept of “phoenix”.

A central stage is set in the center of the circle, surrounded by audience seats.

52, Donghai East Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao Photography: Sanjing image / Wang Kai project has a total construction area of 35500 square meters, and its functions include comprehensive exhibition hall, conference center, business school, cinema, maker center, expert studio, etc.

The walls and floors of the building are made of local stone.

The structural form itself has become the most powerful facade language; The ceiling design of the indoor space also tries not to block the main structure, so that people can still read the logic of the structure and feel the beauty of mechanics indoors.

Because the supporting space of the Opera Hall is more complex and needs a fully closed interface, it is hidden in the back of Phoenix, and the entrance and exit halls with floor glass are set on both sides.

The exhibition hall of the art museum faces the Bay, and you can see the buildings in the distance.

At the same time, the back of Phoenix is designed as a roof square, which is connected with the air restaurant through 180 steps.

05 Qingdao Grand Theater Design: GMP, 2010 coordinates: No.

Finally, it was decided to support the hemispherical performance hall with four giant steel arches.

As a large two-way symmetrical columnless space, architects have studied many options for the structural system used to support it.

The facade of the building uses anodized alumina and glass curtain wall.

Qingdao Grand Theater is built according to the international first-class theater standard, with a total construction area of about 87000 square meters, mainly including 1600 opera halls, 1200 concert halls, 400 multi-function halls, actor reception center, art exchange center and other supporting ancillary facilities.

The various functions of the building surround the traditional courtyard in the center to form an organic whole.

Among the ten contemporary buildings selected in this article, the earliest one can be traced back to 2010, and the latest one is the Xihai Art Museum just completed this year.

There is a 6-meter-high folding sliding door on the west side of the exhibition hall to facilitate the transportation of large exhibits.

03 Hanbi building design: Kerry Hill architects, 2017 coordinates: No.

In addition to commercial and landscape facilities, as well as fixed exhibition areas and temporary exhibition areas added in the entry-exit hall, the functional diversity of the passenger transport center creates the possibility for the rich continuation of urban coastal life.

An electric sunshade shutter is hung outside the glass curtain wall.

5, Yunling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao Photography: Christian gahl Grand Theater is located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, close to the misty Laoshan.

Located at the southwest end of the art museum, it is a nearly transparent glass box and the largest exhibition hall.

The phoenix head is a cantilever platform that looks like a phoenix beak, which realizes the second cantilever at the end of the huge cantilever structure.

04 design of Qingdao cruise home port passenger transport center: CCDI mozhao studio and CCDI habitat studio, 2016 coordinates: Qiu county road, Shibei District, Qingdao, Shandong Province Photography: Zhang Chao and summer solstice click on the picture to understand the details of the project.

The inspiration of architectural modeling comes from the “sail” of the sailing city and the continuous “sloping roof” of Qingdao’s historical buildings.

Norwegian architecture firm Sn ø hetta participated in the preliminary conceptual design and responded to the natural landscape of Qingdao with the concept of “mountain top” – reinterpreting the image characteristics and spatial quality of the natural landscape through architecture, combined with urban life and specific use functions.

Considering the prevailing northwest wind direction in winter in Qingdao and the superior landscape conditions of the harbor in the south of the site, the platform is retreated layer by layer under the South long-span steel structure to form the main outdoor public platform; The North facade is designed with a small number of outdoor sea viewing platforms on the third floor, and partially realizes the mutual connection of North and South outdoor spaces.

6 wharf where the passenger transport center is located, surrounded by a blue sea, has the inherent advantage of developing a leisure and entertainment park combined with the function of yachts.

The process of climbing high and looking far also seems to be wandering around.

The plane design of the multi-functional performance hall is round.

The building roof is shaped into an open landscape: the northwest corner sinks, naturally integrates into the street space, and expands a new place for urban public activities; The other three corners are raised to varying degrees, overlooking the sea and the horizon, creating a new relationship between the building and the sea.

So this is the answer to a proposition composition.

1111 Yinsha Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao Photography: ACF visual Xihai art museum is located in the West Coast new area of Qingdao and consists of 12 interconnected and relatively independent exhibition halls.

The roof of the opera house and concert hall is like two grand pianos.

The No.

The architectural style of the Grand Theater firmly captures the integrated characteristics of Qingdao mountain, sea and city, and poetically implies the unique beauty of Laoshan, just like a reef standing in the sea.

Over the past ten years, let’s see what changes have taken place in Qingdao’s contemporary architecture? Qingdao architectural roaming map (painted by the author) 01 Xihai Art Museum Design: Jean Nouvel, 2021 coordinate: No.

The white transparent slats are like the keys of the piano, and the undulating slats are like staff.

Because of these four steel arches, Phoenix’s formal logic was born.


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