[architectural communication] how to install ALC light partition board? Detailed process explanation!

4) Moisture proof protection: moisture proof measures shall be taken at the transportation and construction site to prevent moisture.

2) It is strictly prohibited to slot and bury the distribution box after the wall panel is installed.

No operation shall be carried out on the wall during the standing period.

ACL board material is green and environment-friendly, with good sound insulation and fire resistance, which far exceeds the requirements of class A1.

ALC light partition board has the advantages of convenient installation and fast construction speed.

③ The installation of indoor doors shall be reinforced with section steel.

The setting out shall be carried out first, and then the slotting shall be carried out.

4) Application of corner or T-connection of partition board φ 6 pin fixing.

When landing, a sleeper shall be padded at 600mm at both ends of the plate.

② The floors of tube wells, toilets and other buildings that are often flooded shall have anti sill.

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For decoration, the alkali resistant glass fiber grid cloth must be bonded at the plate joint to resist cracking.

The ALC light partition board damaged by transportation has low strength, Easy to damage during transportation          ALC light partition board stacking            ALC light partition board handling      [treatment measures] 1) hoisting and stacking: nylon sling (not wire rope) shall be used to bind 600mm at both ends of the plate during hoisting, and the weight of each hoisting shall not exceed 2T.

3) Construction management: in order to meet the construction period, the wallboard that is not old enough for 28d shall not be sent to the site for use.

5) It is better not to use ALC light partition board wall for unit household wall, and it is recommended that the design institute change it.

Lifting Loop

Doors less than 1500 shall be laid aside with 100 plates and reinforced with split bolts.

Starting from the production and processing of wall panel materials and construction and installation, we should constantly solve problems and improve the process.

At present, it has been widely used in high-rise frame buildings and internal and external walls of industrial plants.

2) Typesetting shall be carried out in principle in the middle of the small board and on both sides of the large board.

2) during wall installation, it must ensure that the slurry batch at the top is dense, the lower part is plugged with a wooden wedge, and a 30mm gap is reserved at the lower opening.

1) the length of ceramsite plate wall and ALC light partition plate wall is more than 6m and less than 12M, and structural columns are set in the middle.

② Plates less than 100m shall be poured with secondary structure as far as possible.

2) Corner door stack: ① the pins of corner wall and T-shaped wall must be constructed according to the drawing and connected by special repair materials of plates.


3) Door opening treatment: ① hanging structural plate should be used above the door opening.

5) Drawing deepening: communicate with the interior wall panel company about drawing deepening 1-2 months in advance.

Step 1 of the installation process: snap the line of the plate, step 2: cut the plate, step 3: fix the U-card, step 4: install the plate, step 5: check the perpendicularity, step 6: check the flatness, step 7: fill the bottom joint with mortar, step 8: fill the top joint with foaming agent, step 9: hang the mesh and fill the joint of the plate, step 10: control the risk points of slotting on site.

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Corner or T-shaped treatment method 5) due to the material characteristics of ALC light partition board, it is not suitable for walls less than 200mm wide.


In order to facilitate the transportation of plates, the number of stacking layers during unloading shall not exceed two, and when conditions permit, they shall be stacked in one layer.

During hoisting, special personnel shall be assigned to command, the binding distance of sling at both ends of the plate shall be the same, and the sling shall be smooth and straight to ensure that both ends of the plate are off the ground and landing at the same time.


ALC light partition board, also known as autoclaved aerated light concrete board, which is a new building energy-saving product.

3) The water and electricity can be slotted 14 days after the installation is completed.


The pin spacing is about 700.



[optimization direction] 1) the clear height of the structural beam bottom shall be unified as far as possible to reduce the number of types of plates due to different heights.

After the wall has stood for at least 7 days, the wood wedge shall be removed and the bottom 1:3 cement mortar shall be filled.

4) Crack resistant mortar repair construction is allowed at an interval of 7 days after the installation of water and electricity pipelines.


When making wallboard, due to the thin plate, the building use area is expanded.

ALC light partition board layout, slotting, notch width is unlimited, and the depth should not be greater than 1 / 3 of the plate thickness [treatment measures] 1) before the installation of ALC light partition board, the layout design must be carried out according to the modulus, and ALC wall board less than 200 shall not be used.

The top node of pipe clamp construction (Fig.

    2) If there is a painting layer, it is recommended to use gypsum mortar for painting, which has small shrinkage and reduces the risk of wall cracking.

Conclusion the new process of ALC light partition board should deeply consider each process from perfection to construction, and systematic and comprehensive measures must be taken to solve it.

Plate seam treatment    Cracks in the connection joints between plates and beams at the connection points between plates [treatment measures] 1) the mortise and tenon between ALC light partition plates are naturally engaged without extrusion adhesive to form deformation joints; After installation, the stability period is more than one week, and the grid cloth shall be pasted to glue the closed plate surface.

Construction method characteristics 1   The board has light weight and small design load.

The total depth of the pin anchored into two plates in different directions shall not be less than the thickness of one plate plus 150mm.

    Bottom node drawing 7 of pipe clamp construction and elevation drawing of distribution box [treatment measures] 1) the distribution box shall be made of special-shaped plate and embedded in the special-shaped plate.

When deepening ALC light partition board, communicate with the design institute and consider using solid bricks for construction.

3) The distribution box shall be embedded and reinforced in the plant; If it cannot be embedded and installed in the factory, it must be embedded and installed on the site before the wall panel is installed (on the wall).

Pipe clamp method construction pipe clamp method construction plan [treatment measures] 1) determine the direction and consider the ceiling to prevent the exposure of iron sheets.

In the detailed layout of secondary structure, there are no special-shaped plates at corners (internal and external corners), door stacks and other positions, and structural columns need to be cast in place locally.

We believe that ALC light partition board will have broad development prospects and will be vigorously promoted after gradual improvement.

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4) The surface course shall be cured in time after construction, and all collisions are prohibited within 3 days.

Door openings greater than 1500 shall be hung with section steel, and door entry doors shall be reinforced concrete door frames.

It has the advantages of light volume weight, good sound insulation and heat preservation effect, low cost, simple installation process, low construction period requirements, industrialization of production, standardization and installation industrialization.

The slotting shall be carried out with professional tools.

It is forbidden to drill holes, drill holes and pick grooves afterwards.

The embedding and reservation of all parts shall be completed and passed the inspection and acceptance.

The pin position should be 300 ~ 400 away from the top and bottom of the partition wall.

The width of the grid cloth shall not be less than 300mm and shall be set in the middle along the plate joint.

Due to its loose and porous texture, it is a good heat preservation and sound insulation material.

3) Decorative plastering shall be closely coordinated with water, electricity, heating, sanitation and communication.

Material water absorption toilet masonry wall [treatment measures] the toilet and other parts are easy to be immersed in water, and ALC material has good water absorption.

Elastic materials should be used for surface decoration construction.

2) Plate quality: do not use plates whose technology cannot meet the national requirements or whose ingredients and technology are unreasonable.


2) The pressure groove treatment at the connection between the inner wall panel and the structure is convenient for hanging the net and preventing cracking.


In this project, the short leg walls and door piers with the edge of door pier less than 200mm are constructed by secondary structure, planted reinforcement, equipped with 2 8mm threaded reinforcement and filled with C25 fine aggregate concrete.


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