Love me, Haishi (Architecture)

Welcome my youth, shed sweat, show youth, and walk with me on the way to growth.

I owe my quietness to every student who comes here.

(Tips: school bus express Guilin Yang campus pick-up point is in my hall on the first floor) I am the Academy of fine arts, the most artistic place in the school.

I am a physical education institute in the Physical Education Institute.

I am responsible for public information services and the operation and maintenance of the campus network.

I’m Huang Huakang.

Study in different places, far away from home, I am your warm harbor..

Here, you can experience the boundless charm of chemistry.

Years have left traces on my wall, but the dark green leaves are like my firmness to truth.

All kinds of knowledge converge here.

I hope you will spend a full and beautiful youth by my side! Liberal arts building I am the building of the Institute of international education.

This change makes me fully feel their respect for me.

#STORYOFHAISHI     Tian Jiabing Education College in south campus I am Tian Jiabing education college.

Guilin Yang campus library I am a library, a very quiet place.

When we first arrived in Guilin ocean, not only our subject knowledge is relatively close, but also our geographical location is close together! From the misty rain in the town to the desert scenery, from the cool beach to the towering mountains, I will take your thoughts one by one.

Here, I always feel my blood and youth from a close distance.

You are willing to think alone, work hard and explore endlessly.

I have witnessed the hard work of countless postgraduate entrance examination people, and sincerely wish them to go to a larger world.

The size of the world, the beauty of life, learning is boundless.

I will always be with you.

Literature building this is the College of Arts.

I like to listen to the sound of them scribbling on paper and watch them pace back and forth when reciting knowledge points in the corner.

The towering stone pillars on the square are loaded with the firm faith and ideal of every student of Haishi.

What is a teenager? High spirited, like the rising sun, gives people warmth and vitality.

Hello, Yifu art building.

I am willing to raise my feet and pen to show the youth atmosphere.

After daily exposure, I think I will! Marxism college I am a Marxism college.

At the same time, I also undertake the construction and operation and maintenance of the main node of China Education and scientific research computer network Haikou.

I think no building knows geography better than me? I like to travel on the earth’s surface with my classmates, from human geography to natural geography and then to geographic information science, and enjoy the discipline style of geography.

I always listen to your thoughts expressed during free communication before and after class, and feel the charm of literary language.

I’m Yifu art building, commonly known as “little artist”.

I can feel the charm of language from English, Russian, Japanese, German and small languages.

I can see my body as soon as I enter the school gate.

Jinpeng dormitory I am Jinpeng, canteen and restaurant, let you taste delicious food all over the country; Print shops and supermarkets provide you with high-quality learning and life services; Security and surveillance, providing you with full-time protection.

Learning is based on reading.

In my arms, may you choose a place where the book can be cool for a moment and enjoy the wonderful mysteries of life and the world.

At that time, I will call a breeze to dry your sweat and comfort your soul.

The significance of my existence is to let the students know what kind of social form the country is and what stage of development it is in, deepen everyone’s political thought, so as to strengthen the students’ political belief in the Communist Party of China.

I like the sweet and beautiful voice and the graceful dance.

Orange, am I lively and lively? I hope you can get the watering of knowledge here.

The sun is burning.

Welcome to come and walk into my arms.

When the sunrise rises above the horizon, I hope you can spread your wings like a roc, fly far away and embrace a bright future.

I listen carefully to different languages from various classrooms every day, and then draw them into a language Concerto in my mind.

Each floor carries heavy dreams and hard sweat.

May you go to a better future with a pure heart and confidence and pride! Hello, College of life sciences.

Seeking truth is always our common goal.

The shade of the tree is my shelter for you.

Fortunately, whether it is ancient literature or modern literature, Chinese literature or world literature, I can experience the aesthetics contained in your conversation.

I’m a Guilin foreign student dormitory, with standard four person room configuration, bed and table, independent bathroom, air conditioning, two washing machines and two drinking fountains on each floor.

Here, you can create freely and enjoy various beautiful works such as painting, sculpture, design, architecture and so on.

I have sophisticated and advanced research instruments.

Hope to be your special audience, my little sea lions! Hello, math building.

I’m College of life sciences.

I’ll accompany you through three meals and four seasons.

Track and field stadium I am a track and field stadium, a place where you who love sports can fly freely.

I am here and wish you a better and more comprehensive self.

No matter what method you prefer, you can taste delicious dishes here.

I am the chemistry and chemical engineering teaching building.

As soon as they enter my territory, they will change from young people who stride forward to kittens who tiptoe.

I hope you can give full play to your light and heat here.

Fixing Socket Cross Pin Nail Plate

I like your dancing pen tips and neat writing paper.

Starlight square this is starlight square.

I’m math building.

I also own the information network and data center of Hainan Normal University.

I hope my generous arm is your most secure existence in the past four years.

Information building I am the teaching building of the Information Institute.

College of foreign languages I am the College of foreign languages.

The shadow of coconut trees, the surging crowd, and the footsteps of countless students stay for me.

I hope that through me, you can integrate art into your life, into your thinking and soul, and live in the present.

I carry the persistent pursuit of scientific research by successive chemical people.

Rich and colorful elective courses are your only choice to broaden your horizons and cultivate your interests.

I welcome students from all colleges, arts, science, industry, commerce, agriculture and medicine.

Every day I witness the hard training of the students in the Physical Education Institute and every drop of sweat shed for my dream.

If you like, you can rent a refrigerator.

Experimental building I am an experimental building.

Library Hi! This is the library of Longkun south campus.

You may not know, in fact, I know you better than you.

I would like to spend a long night with you, waiting for the meteors to cross the sky with you.

When it comes to geography, everyone says “you know astronomy and you know geography”.

Sure enough, life lies in sports ~ Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan and Huizhou, no matter where you come from, you can find a familiar hometown flavor here; Fry, burn, fry, fry, boil, steam, roast and rinse.

Hello, Huang Huakang gymnasium.

Students should know that participating in sports activities can not only strengthen the body, reduce fat and shape, but also release emotions and relieve pressure! I am willing to be a place for you to vent with sweat when you are depressed.

My blue coat makes me look full of a sense of science and technology.

I have witnessed countless colorful chemical reactions in the chemical building.

I’m the student canteen.

My happiest thing is to accompany you to learn new ideas and strive to be a new youth! School of geography and Environmental Sciences I’m the school of geography and environmental sciences.

Everyone likes to call my original name liberal arts building.

I am a good brother of the school of tourism and the school of geography and environmental sciences.

Public building I am a public teaching building.

I am next to the main gate of the school.


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