Architectural art – 20 documentaries for Architects

Many people think it is the most important building in Barcelona.

Copywriting | Kin proofreading | a pile of chestnuts editing | Winnie   01   Abstract: the art of design (since2017) Abstract: the art of design enters the thoughts of the most innovative designers in various disciplines and learns how design affects all aspects of life.

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The director captured Renzo Piano’s genius..

He is one of the most influential designers today.

Video link:   07    AmazingInteriors(Since   2018) interior case this series of films tells us that a good building cannot be judged only from its appearance.

Video link:   02    GrandDesigns   (since1999) big design host kivin McCloud introduced how to raise self built houses to a new level.

The architectural design changes the landscape of the city and improves its artistry.

The film also reflects on consumerism, the sustainability of the design industry and the possibility of future development.

Video link:   06    SecretsofGreatBritishCastles(Since   2015) the secret of English castle follows the British historian Dan Jones to explore the most representative buildings in the heyday of Britain and the stories behind them.

Video link:   eleven    Miesonscene (2018) focuses on Mies.

   thirteen    Rams (2018) Ramses this is a documentary about Ramses.

The viewers are immersed in the perception of art, space and masterpieces.

Video link:   03    TheWorld’sMost   ExtraordinaryHomes(Since   2017) piers Taylor, the world’s most extraordinary residential architect, and Caroline Quentin, the actress, travel around the world to visit eye-catching houses.

New interior designers who accept the challenge will find ways to make the room look new in a very short time with a low budget.

The film paid close attention to how to realize each step of their ambitious plan from beginning to end.

  twelve    KUSAMA:INFINITY   (2018) Kusama’s life Kusama has worked for more than 60 years and experienced an artistic process spanning the fields of painting, sculpture, installation art, performing art, poetry and fiction.

As one of the most popular female artists in the world, Kusama has overcome countless difficulties and brought her radical artistic vision to the world stage.

Video link:   04    TinyHouseNation(Since   2014) cabin country host John wisbarth and expert Zack Giffin visited the United States to help some families change their big houses into smaller and fully personalized spaces.

Video link:   05    Minimalism: a documentary about the important things (2016) minimalism: in this documentary about less is more, we interviewed people who are committed to rejecting the American ideal of material happiness.

This is a good opportunity to learn from different residential solutions and solutions around the world.

  Although the experience of growing up in Japan during World War II brought trauma to her, her family life hindered her creative ambition, sexism and racial discrimination in art institutions, and mental illness, she continued to devote herself to artistic creation.

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The combination of residents’ imagination and architects’ professional ability will create livable and wonderful indoor cases.

Video link:   ten    StayHere(Since   2019) designer Genevieve Gordon and real estate professionals showed the transformation of short rent home stay apartment in the program, which will bring considerable income to the landlord in the future.

Ludwig miesvander Rohe and Lilly Reich created the German Pavilion of the World Expo in Barcelona in 1992, which has become a heavy color in the history of architecture.

Video link:   08    BigDreamsSmallSpaces(Since   2014) small garden big dream with the rise of urban agriculture, here you can see montydon helping promising gardeners in England grow and take care of their gardens.

“He almost invented the consumer product design we know today.” – the guardian, UK   “To quantify his impact, you just need to look at millions of Apple products in our pockets.” – fastcompany “Dieter rams’s design concept has shaped the views of generation after generation on production and consumption.” – wired   fourteen    RenzoPiano,theArchitectofLight    (2018) Renzo Piano: the architect of light film reflects the dynamic creative process behind this magnificent building.

Over the past decades, her works have constantly broken through the boundaries of art and alienated her from some peers or those in power.

The documentary describes the charm and mystery of the building, as well as the construction in 1929 and reconstruction in 1986.

The German Pavilion in Barcelona is the cornerstone of modernist architecture.

Although many species are different, there are still some substantive tips to deal with the problems that may be encountered in cultivating species in different climatic environments.

Video link:   09    TheGreatInteriorDesignChallenge(Since   2014) British interior design challenge this is a reality show competition.


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