Yida technology was shortlisted as BIM consulting service provider of Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

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Yida technology BIM division Yida technology BIM division is a comprehensive service department integrating BIM product development and BIM consulting project operation.

1、 Honorary award 2021 “smartbim” smart building BIM competition design group – third prize 2020 “smartbim” smart building BIM competition comprehensive group – Excellence Award 2020 “smartbim” smart building BIM competition comprehensive group – third prize 2021 “Li Bing award • Kaiming cup BIM application and digital innovation competition” third prize 2021 second “smart building cup” smart building innovation Grand Prix   Bronze Award II.

It is the director unit of China Construction Project Cost Management Association, the vice president unit of Guangdong Engineering Cost Association and the vice president unit of Foshan cost consulting and Bidding Procurement Association; It is the expert consultant unit of engineering cost reform in Guangdong Province and the project leader unit of engineering cost reform expert in Foshan City; It is the backbone team of engineering cost reform in Guangdong Province, the application research team of big data of cost in Guangdong Province, and the co construction unit of “party construction + cost reform service” in Foshan City…

(hereinafter referred to as “Yida technology”) is shortlisted in the BIM design consulting supplier library with professional strength and high-quality service.

successful service cases Yida technology integrates software development, system integration, information service and management consulting.

It has successfully built a list master and water conservancy and hydropower Project Pricing Series software, BIM application software, project cost supervision solution, public resource transaction solution Government investment tracking audit solution, enterprise quota preparation solution, real estate engineering comprehensive index and cost accounting solution, enabling the reform and innovation of engineering cost industry and enterprise digital transformation; Actively participate in the formulation of national, association and local cost standards, and have become the editor in chief and drafter of the standards for many times.

It provides professional and complete bim5d data asset solutions for the whole life cycle of construction projects, with a total service scale of more than 3 million square meters, It covers a variety of project types such as large complex, library, teaching building, canteen, apartment, commercial and residential building, commercial street, hospital and so on.

It is composed of development team (R & D and testing), BIM project implementation team and BIM customer network implementation team to provide professional and complete bim5d data asset solutions for the whole life cycle of construction projects and provide customers with comprehensive technical consulting services related to BIM, And provide professional R & D technical services for different specific needs of customers.

Based on the concept of project guided development and development serving the project, the department continuously optimizes the quality of products by using the actual project demand, and better serves our BIM consulting projects at the same time.

Yida technology has won national, provincial and municipal honorary awards for scientific and technological progress for many times.

Recently, Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

announced the list of qualified suppliers (design, technical consulting and service) shortlisted in the database construction bidding, including 337 design units and 713 technical consulting and service units.

The BIM Business Department of Yida technology is composed of a professional BIM service team with more than 50 people.

Yida technology BIM ecosystem covers products and services such as Yida BIM cost management forrevit software, Yida Bim and VR visual project management software, Yida BIM collaboration platform, BIM guest network and digital asset (BIM / CIM) Internet platform.

The division of labor is clear.

3、 BIM related products IV.

Guangzhou Yida Jianxin Technology Development Co., Ltd.

It is the first national high-tech innovation enterprise in China to combine construction project investment value-added and intelligent consulting technology, Internet technology, BIM, VR technology and cloud computing technology, Over the past 20 years since its establishment, it has been committed to the informatization of construction project cost and technology development and application, obtained more than 20 intellectual property rights of independent technology research and development, and owned more than 30 copyrights of domestic leading high-tech achievements.


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