Why is it more and more difficult for construction enterprises to recruit?

Table 1 average annual wage of employees by industry and post in 2020 (10000 yuan) data source: National Bureau of Statistics –   three  — Enterprise’s own factors ▌ 1   There is no scientific and reasonable human resource planning.

The grass-roots life and work in the construction industry are relatively hard.

When an enterprise always recruits talents when there is a shortage of talents, it will inevitably lead to everything in a hurry.

In the process of talent recruitment, the assessment methods adopted by some enterprises are relatively simple, direct and arbitrary.

  The hardship and danger of grass-roots work.

In fact, the problem of difficult recruitment of construction enterprises has always existed.

It can be seen that the industries with the highest average salary of employees in Enterprises above Designated Size, middle-level and above managers, professional and technical personnel, clerks and relevant personnel, social production services and life services are information transmission The average wages of software and information technology services are 175000 yuan, 339000 yuan, 199000 yuan, 123000 yuan and 121000 yuan respectively; The industries with the highest average wages for manufacturing and related personnel are power, heat, gas and water production and supply, with an average wage of 109000 yuan.

These voices reflect a problem existing in current construction enterprises – Recruitment difficulty.

In contrast, the development prospect of traditional industries such as construction began to be slightly bleak in the eyes of employees, which is also one of the reasons why it is difficult for construction enterprises to recruit.


In addition, the construction site construction of construction enterprises is relatively simple, and the amateur cultural life is not rich, resulting in a considerable number of people choosing to leave the industry because they can’t stand the boring life.


There may be some results, such as unable to complete the recruitment, mismatch between the recruiters and the post requirements, repeated recruitment and so on, which makes the enterprise waste a lot of time and energy in talent recruitment.

Compared with the regular life of nine to five and weekends in other industries, the rest time of construction enterprises is too “flexible” and unacceptable to some people.

Even the head construction enterprises with strong financial support and benchmark project support are slightly inferior to enterprises in some industries in terms of talent attraction, not to mention some small and medium-sized construction enterprises with weak capital and background.

The demand for talents is also increasing.

Today’s young people live in the era of network and information explosion, and their thoughts are relatively independent.

Table 1 shows the average annual salary of employees by industry and post in 2020 published by the National Bureau of statistics.

For the current labor force, they would rather earn less than suffer hardship.

At present, due to the rapid development of the Internet and science and technology, industries such as artificial intelligence, 5g, industrial Internet and big data application show vigorous vitality and become a new employment growth point, which is deeply sought after by the majority of employees.

Some construction enterprises do not pay enough attention to the formulation of human resource planning.

For example, the recruitment is completed only through one or two rounds of telephone communication or interview.

  The salary competitiveness is not strong.

In this state of social development, the labor market is bound to be in short supply, which leads to the phenomenon of difficult recruitment.

The industrial nature and working environment of the construction industry determine its labor-intensive characteristics, which leads to a large demand for talents in construction enterprises, and the supply and demand of personnel has always been in a state of short supply.


Its working place is often unstable and mostly in the suburbs.

They like challenges, love freedom, are keen on new things and have a strong ability to accept new things.

In this era when everyone pays great attention to safety and health, various reports on construction site accidents in the news more or less make many practitioners who want to enter the construction industry retreat in their hearts.

Compared with traditional industries such as construction industry, emerging sunrise industries or entrepreneurial projects are more attractive to young people   two  — Industry factors ▌ 1   With the development of the times and the change of ideas, more and more employees pay more attention to the long-term development prospect of the industry rather than the short-term income.

As we all know, working in the production line of construction enterprises, accompanied by all kinds of steel bars, cement and mechanical equipment, if you are not careful, you may put yourself or others in a dangerous situation.

This characteristic means that the personnel engaged in the construction industry may drift away from home for a long time and cannot take good care of their families.

They slowly put career development and industry prospect in the first place.

In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, the GDP has risen year by year, the development speed of all walks of life is fast, and the scale is growing.

In addition, most of the grass-roots work of construction enterprises is carried out in the open air, and they often deal with reinforcement, concrete and mechanical equipment, and the working environment is worse than that of urban white-collar workers.

On the whole, the average annual salary of employees in construction enterprises is not competitive compared with other industries, resulting in many people unwilling to engage in this industry.

This phenomenon usually leads to the disconnection between the key content of human resource management and enterprise development, the effective development of talent recruitment and the establishment of talent echelon.

According to the public data of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, in 2019 alone, there were 773 production safety accidents of housing and municipal engineering in China, killing 904 people.

They would rather find a “decent” job in the city than go to the project grass-roots level of construction enterprises.

Among these 16 industries, the average annual salary of employees in the construction industry ranks 13th among employees in Enterprises above Designated Size, 14th among middle-level and above managers, 14th among professional and technical personnel, 13th among clerical personnel and related personnel, 10th among social production services and living services personnel, and 7th among production, manufacturing and related personnel.

It is often difficult to achieve a fixed 8-hour working system and a fixed two-day rest due to the needs of on-site construction or project progress.

  There is a lack of scientific recruitment assessment methods.

Lifting Eye Anchor


In the process of contacting with some construction enterprises, the author often hears some voices, such as “it is more and more difficult to recruit now”, “the recruited people fail to stay”, “the people who stay are not the most suitable people for enterprise development and job demand”, “XX employees resigned this year”…

They usually work only to complete the work, and do not choose to use scientific and reasonable methods to formulate a plan that meets the needs of enterprise development.

This subjective recruitment assessment method is not only unfair to candidates, but also easy to damage the interests of enterprises, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of enterprise recruitment..

Figure 120data source of China’s GDP and growth rate from 2010 to 2020: National Bureau of statistics figure 220data source of China’s population and growth rate aged 15-64 from 2010 to 2020: National Bureau of statistics ▌ 2   With the continuous development of society, people’s ideas and concepts are also changing, especially young people.

So what causes construction enterprises to recruit more and more difficult? Generally speaking, it can be divided into three factors: social factors, industrial factors and enterprise’s own factors   one  — Social factors ▌ 1   The growth rate of the working population lags behind the national development rate.

  The working place is unstable, there is less amateur cultural life, and the construction industry has the characteristics of high mobility.

1 and Fig.


The recruitment assessment is highly subjective and lacks scientific recruitment assessment indicators and assessment methods, resulting in “eye-catching” situations from time to time.

However, with the increase of the proportion of the elderly and the decline of the birth rate, the growth rate of China’s working population has decreased year by year and showed a negative number, which has lagged far behind the expansion speed of the industry (Fig.


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