Another construction central enterprise equipment group was born!

According to the information of PowerChina, the establishment of PowerChina Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

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China Communications Construction Co., Ltd.

I wish all major equipment enterprises better development! Beijing qualification service: Mr.

☟☟☟ among several major construction central enterprises, many equipment groups have been established.

has CCCC Tianhe mechanical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.

later, China railway equipment, China Railway Shanqiao, China Railway Baoqiao and China Railway Science and engineering became China Railway High Tech Industry Co., Ltd.

is one of China Railway Engineering Co., Ltd.

I don’t know which organizations and core products the newly established China Power Construction Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

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has China Railway Construction High Tech Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a leading enterprise in China’s railway large-scale road maintenance machinery industry, and China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd., which is a professional large-scale enterprise integrating the research, design, manufacturing and service of tunnel construction intelligent equipment and high-end track equipment.

According to the website of PowerChina, PowerChina’s equipment manufacturing industry cluster has 16 manufacturing enterprises and one research institute, which are distributed in 8 provinces and cities in China and tswibuluken region in Germany, with a total of more than 8000 employees; The main products cover power station auxiliary equipment, transmission and distribution line equipment, infrastructure supporting equipment, special vehicles, hydraulic products and welding materials, involving electric power, nuclear industry, water conservancy, mining, metallurgy, aerospace, shipbuilding, machinery, military industry, chemical industry, tobacco, transportation, transportation, real estate and many other fields, and are exported to Europe, America, Australia More than 50 countries and regions such as Asia.

Hanke construction qualification Consulting: before 18610251711, PowerChina established a new company.

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China Railway Construction Co., Ltd.

and serve in the leading group.

In addition, CCCC also has Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Co., Ltd., which is one of the largest manufacturers of port machinery and heavy equipment in the world.

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Among them, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

its main products are tunnel boring machine (shield machine), large grab dredger (more than 18m), large steel structure, marine anchor machine, towing machine, etc.

On September 18, PowerChina held a meeting and announced the decision to establish PowerChina Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

Ding   18610251711 official website: Data source network, Hanke Tiancheng sorting, invasion and deletion..

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Super building has not seen the restructuring plan of China Power Construction Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

CSCEC has CSCEC tunnel equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is committed to building the manufacturing brand of CSCEC shield machine.


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and friends who know about it can reply.

The main person in charge of the power construction equipment group said that it would strive to build a domestic first-class advanced equipment manufacturing group with strong comprehensive competitiveness.

is a major strategic choice of PowerChina group, an effective way to concentrate limited resources and realize the healthy development of the equipment sector, and a necessary way to improve the industrial chain of the group company and effectively improve its core competitiveness.

through reorganization and listing, and its business scope covers tunnel boring equipment, railway turnout, steel bridge R & D, design, manufacturing, installation and technical services of large railway construction machinery and new rail transit.


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