Strictly control the construction quality and lead the industry demonstration – Datang Zichen Institute, which won another award

The house type diagram is for reference only.

In the future, Datang Group will continue to play a leading role in standardization demonstration in high standardization, intelligent and fine management of engineering construction.

The above information is collected as of January 2022.

Disclaimer: this advertisement is an invitation for offer, The rights and obligations of both parties shall be subject to the commercial housing sales contract and legal documents signed by both parties; The dimensions described in this paper are approximate values, and the area is the building area.

One household has one inspection, measured the actual quantity, and does not miss any corner to make an all-round evaluation of the project.

The project is registered as “Datang Zichen hospital”, promoted as “Datang Zichen hospital”, and the developer is “Pingdingshan Datang Borui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.”.

Chengxin smart house vipline: 0375-8886999 Marketing Center: northeast corner of the intersection of Jianshe Road and TIYU Road (north side of Bank of Luoyang).

It can be seen that Datang Group attaches importance to quality and has confidence in becoming a benchmark in the domestic industry! Take advantage of the momentum, race with thousands of sails, ride a horse, whip and hoof again.

Erection Anchor One Sided

The school attendance and other information shall be subject to the release of the local education competent department and the school.

Recently, Datang Zichen hospital was awarded the honorary title of “advanced unit of safety and civilization of construction projects in Xinhua District in 2021” by Xinhua District Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Pingdingshan City.

Project address: 100M north of the intersection of Jianshe Road and Yunze Lane (former family courtyard of municipal Party committee).

[2020] 160.

As a local development enterprise, it can spend a lot of money to hire a third-party evaluation as a daily engineering evaluation.

Production time: January 2022…

The above school information is only an objective introduction to the surrounding educational environment of the project.

Please observe the site and pay attention to the latest information.

At the same time, the team of Shenzhen third-party professional engineering evaluation company is hired to participate in the front-line construction and management of Zichen institute project.

Datang Group has been adhering to the architectural concept of “manufacturing high-quality life” for 23 years, strictly controlling product quality, realizing main management behaviors such as quality standardization, progress visualization management, material management and process routine control, implementing standard processes, ensuring the bottom line of material quality and fine control in the whole process, so as to standardize the behavior of construction personnel, strictly ensure the delivery quality and build benchmark quality! Safety production is always on the road.

(renderings) yingchengxin · double famous school · xiangruidagui residence bought this year, with a construction area of about 90-145 m2.

The company reserves the right to modify this advertisement.

[2020] 137, bungalow pre-sale Certificate No.

There may be wall structure and local differences in different buildings, and the contents of the contract between both parties shall prevail.

It is precisely because we do not forget our original intention and adhere to the construction quality that Datang Group has made great achievements in high-quality projects and gained countless praises all the way.

Datang Zichen Institute always takes the construction of safety, civilization and standardization as a top priority, and requires the project safety, quality, progress and civilized construction to go hand in hand.

The description of traffic, medical treatment, education, municipal supporting facilities and other environment around the project in this advertisement is only to provide relevant information, and does not mean that the company makes a commitment to this.

Pre sale certificate No.: bungalow pre-sale Certificate No.


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