Located in one of the most prosperous areas in Haikou, there are many new buildings here

China resources can be seen in office buildings, businesses and houses.

It’s terrible to go around the mall.

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It is also one of the China Resources office buildings, block C of China Resources Building.

The traffic extends in all directions.

In addition to the office building, the shopping center of China Resources is also hot.

Hainan free trade port is fully loaded and set sail! Welcome to Hainan  .

From the appearance alone, it is no different from ordinary office buildings.

The China Resources Building, which has already been built and put into operation, can be said to be the office choice of many enterprises and companies.

China Resources Vientiane City Phase II will be much larger in volume than phase I, which is understood to be 12.3 square meters (more than 20000 square meters in phase I).

I believe it is no stranger to the N-power park.

It is understood that all these changes began when China Resources acquired a uncompleted project called wanlvcheng in 2016.

In fact, it is also known as phase I of Haikou Vientiane city.

It feels that the final project is under way, and the construction should be similar.

If you pass Jinmao East Road, near the opposite side of China Resources Building, you will notice the high-rise building under construction.

It gathers a large number of urban energy-level resources such as finance, commerce, culture, services, business office and hotels.

The “sky garden” of Jiangdong energy center will definitely shape the cover of Jiangdong buildings, and the glass wall of Haikou Bay Huacai center can overlook the beauty of Haikou Bay.

Located in the “golden area” of Haikou, ITC has been the most prosperous CBD of Haikou for a long time.

Personally, I think the energy center of Jiangdong new area and Haikou Bay Huacai center are the most anticipated commercial buildings in Haikou.

Whether it is office buildings or shopping centers, there are not many international trade centers here.

There will certainly be some pressure on the rental of office buildings in the future.

Most shopping malls in Haikou are actually quite deserted, but they still do not hinder the construction of new shopping malls.

It is a high-energy area for the development of Haikou.

The flow of people and the convenience of transportation are better than the major business districts of Haikou.

Vientiane City shopping center may look forward to it, but a hot shopping mall means that there will be shopping malls nearby.

On both sides of Jinmao East Road in Haikou, it can be called the “site” of China Resources Land.

you can see waves of high-rise buildings under construction nearby.

In addition, it is located in the international trade office area, and the location here is also more popular.

However, in addition to the office building of China Resources Center and block B of China Resources Building, China Resources will launch a new office building block C.

Only activities on holidays are slightly popular.


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