Installation process and specification of building water and electricity

When installing electric water heater in the toilet, it shall be shunted separately, and the line section shall be determined according to the large and small capacity, generally about 2.5mm square and 4mm square.

    4) Strong and weak current shall not be laid in the same pipe or connected to the same junction box.

Different room types can refer to the above methods.

    3) It is strictly forbidden to mix TV cable with network cable.

    9) After completion, electricians draw circuit diagrams (electrical arrangement plan and system diagram).

If it is at the lower part of the wall, it is vertically slotted downward to the bottom of the skirting board.

Rotten teeth are not allowed to be connected into the pipe.

The inner side of corner shall be cut at right angle corner, and one side of cut shall be rounded to arc interface before bending and installation.

    6) Light lamps can be hung on the original or additional large and medium keels, but they must be reinforced.

    6) It is strictly prohibited to lay the line pipe directly under the composite board, and the line pipe under the solid wood floor must be reinforced.

    4) For lamp caps with switches such as desk lamps, the switch handle shall not have exposed metal parts for safety.

The edge connection of sleeve shall be tight, straight and smooth.

It is strictly prohibited to wear shorts for work and civilized construction.


    5) After the conductor is installed in the sleeve, the conductor fixing tool shall be used to fix it on the wall and in the wall before plastering and concealment.

It shall not be hung on adjacent water and electricity pipes, but must be hung independently.

    3) When installing low foot lamp caps in toilets and kitchens, porcelain screw port lamp cap wiring should be adopted.

Conductors for different purposes shall not be mixed in one conduit.

The lead from the lamp cap box shall be protected to the lamp position with hose to prevent the lead from being exposed in the flat top.

The construction can be carried out under the guidance of the supervisor.

    8) Leave enough length of sound cable outlet to facilitate future displacement (leave enough distance of 1m) and protect it.

    3) The circuit layout is that each air conditioner is in its own way, so the lighting is in one way, and the kitchen socket is in one way.

The distribution must be installed in the 120 type generous box (TV box) to reduce the loss of level signal and facilitate maintenance.

     10) During wiring, the color of phase line and zero line shall be different, the color of phase line (L) in the same residence shall be unified, the zero line (n) should be blue, and the protective line (PE) must be yellow and green.

The pipe joint shall be wrapped with raw material tape for 5-6 turns.

    9) When the wire enters the junction box, a certain length must be reserved, 10 ~ 15cm, 100cm for the sound, and the hose must be worn for the installation and maintenance of switches and sockets.

Finished product protection     1) When installing switches and sockets, do not damage the wall, and keep the wall clean.

1、 Specification for water and electricity installation:     1) Wiring principle: horizontal and vertical.

    4) The zero line and ground line of the two routes cannot be shared.

The conductor in the conduit shall not have joints.

The installation position of distribution box and leakage box shall be installed in an easy to operate position for daily maintenance.

    12) There shall be no joint between wire points, and the concealed wire in the ceiling must be protected by flame retardant pipe.

Spring shall be used to bend when bending, and 90 degree elbow and tee shall not be used.

    7) Rows of lamps must be horizontal and vertical, and the allowable deviation shall not be greater than 3mm     8) The wires connected with lamps in the hanging flat roof must be protected by hoses and shall not be bare.

The slotting depth shall be the same.

    2) The socket is located at the upper part of the wall, and is vertically slotted upward on the wall to the installation line of the decorative corner line installed at the top of the wall.

    2) After the switch and socket are installed, do not spray again to keep the panel clean..

    5) The spacing between strong and weak conduits shall be greater than 15mm.

    10) Electricians must be equipped with certificates and standard electrician tools.

    8) The conductor passing through the conduit shall not be greater than 40% of the hole area of the conduit.

    7) Conduct power on test and check whether the working state and function of all electrical components are normal.

    2) The TV cable must be coaxial cable (broadband 7.5ii) meeting the requirements, and docking is strictly prohibited.

    10) The distance between the water installation pipe and the wall shall be 1.5cm, hot on the left and cold on the right, with a spacing of 15cm.

The position of the original distribution box can not be shifted generally.

The number of pipe twisted teeth is 5-6 teeth until the joint is tightened.

Telephone lines, TV lines and other signal lines shall not run parallel to the wires.

    2) When wall lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, mirror headlights and other lamps are installed indoors, the metal shell of lamps with a height of less than 2.4m and below shall be grounded reliably to ensure safe use.

     7) Kitchen power: the kitchen needs separate shunt, and the wire diameter is 2.5mm square      8) If there are more than 25 ordinary sockets and lamps, a shunt shall be added for control.

After the control line is popped on the wall, the wall shall be cut with a cutting machine and slotted with a machine.

The joint penetrating into the piping conductor shall be set in the junction box, the joint shall be overlapped firmly, and the insulating tape shall be wrapped evenly and tightly.

    3) PVC pipe shall be used.

A pipe clamp shall be used for the straight pipe every 80 cm and every 20 cm at the corner.

Special PVC flame-retardant wire pipe shall be used.

The two routes shall not pass through the same pipe.

Fixing Socket

The phase line (switch line) should be connected to the central contact terminal and the zero line should be connected to the threaded terminal.

    2) A leakage circuit breaker shall be set in the distribution box, the leakage action current shall not be greater than 30mA, with overload and overvoltage protection functions, and multiple outgoing lines shall be used to control lighting, air conditioning, socket, etc.

    7) It is strictly prohibited to lay the conduit on the ground of kitchen and toilet to prevent water from penetrating into the conduit.

    5) When various lamps are installed on the decorative hanging flat top, they shall be installed according to the requirements of the installation instructions of lamps.

    4) The pipe knuckle depth is moderate without burr.

     9) Conductor color code: the distribution box and each circuit wiring shall be color separated according to the specification requirements.

    5) The total opening at home shall be at least 60A, and the living room and air conditioner shall be 40A.

It is strictly prohibited to hang on the air duct, water pipe and electric pipe of the air conditioner.

The parallel distance between wires and heating, hot water and gas pipes shall not be less than 300mm, and the crossing distance shall not be less than 100mm.

3、 Technical requirements for construction of weak current system     1) The telephone must be laid in a special telephone line threading pipe, which cannot be mixed with other lines.

The wire pipe must be fixed in the trunking.

    6) If Yuba is installed in the toilet, it shall be shunted separately, with a line diameter of 2.5mm square.

During line installation, protective wire sleeve must be added and connected with adhesive.

If it needs to be shifted, a transition box shall be added, and the scheme shall be determined with the designer and the supervisor.

    11) The parallel distance between wires and water pipes shall not be less than 30 cm, and the cross bridge distance shall not be less than 10 cm.

    6) Frequency divider (distributor) shall be used for installation below four terminals.

The bottom of the box should be 1.8m wider from the ground.

The bending radius of the cable network cable is > or = 8D (R is 64mm).

If the weight of lamps is greater than 3kg, embedded hooks shall be used or the supports and hangers shall be directly fixed from the roof with expansion bolts (lamps can be installed with the hanging flat top hanging wooden keel support).

     11) Civilized construction, standardized construction, accelerated construction, and make a good start for the whole project.

(the kitchen and bathroom are single play sockets, the toilet electrical facilities and toilet sockets are in one way, and the ordinary sockets other than kitchen and bathroom are in one way.

    11) Electricians must wear insulating shoes and operate with more than two people.

    13) After the acceptance of water and electricity, the trunking can be leveled, and the wall slot shall be filled with 1:3 cement mortar (the wall shall be leveled twice.) 2、 Construction process requirements of strong current system     1) Each household shall be equipped with household distribution box.

Its circuit shall ensure the normal use of load.

Lock nut shall be used when the wire box is connected with the wire pipe.

4、 Installation process requirements of lamps     1) The most basic requirement for the installation of lamps is firmness.


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