Advantages of mobile crawler construction waste crusher, quotation of mobile crusher

Crawler mobile crushing station mobile construction waste crusher is a new type of mobile crushing station developed to adapt to the construction waste treatment market.

During sale: carefully listen to customers’ opinions, formulate production plans for a period of time according to users’ needs, and come to assist users in installing and debugging equipment.


It is just suitable for the occasions where the construction waste is scattered and not concentrated, the cycle is short and the area is small.

It belongs to secondary crushing equipment and can be configured according to its own needs.

The mobile crawler construction waste crusher is intelligent, convenient, fine and efficient.

So how much does it cost to invest in a mobile crawler construction waste crusher? Since there are many manufacturers and equipment of different models and specifications in the market, the quotation will vary.

Information recommendation mobile construction waste crusher is a new type of mobile crushing station developed to adapt to the construction waste treatment market.

At present, there are two commonly used treatment methods: fixed and mobile.

The materials enter the main engine mounted on the crawler chassis and frame from the silo and are crushed or screened and discharged through the integrated belt conveyor.

The engine can be equipped with military low-temperature preheating starting device, so that the equipment can be easily started in the low-temperature environment of – 25C °.

The equipment integrates material receiving, crushing, mobile crusher, transmission and other process equipment.

In the construction waste treatment process, crushing is a very important link.

The mobile crawler construction waste crusher is equipped with a cone crusher, which can crush the high hardness mixture in construction waste.

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The installation time is short, there is no need to lay the foundation, and the installation can be in place in only 60 minutes.


The equipment integrates material receiving, crushing, mobile crusher, transmission and other process equipment.

Their work was basically the same, but the mobile production line adopts the integrated unit design, which has flexible combination, stable production capacity, continuous work and can be transferred at any time.

Formwork Prop

It can operate independently in a single group, or flexibly form a system to configure the unit for joint operation.

Specific services include:   1.

Pre sales: warmly receive every incoming user, carefully listen to the user’s needs and answer the user’s doubts in time.

The equipment can be equipped with generator set to meet the normal operation requirements under complex conditions such as no power or power failure, ensure continuous operation and reduce losses; four   Environmental protection standards fully have the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, and many pollution factors such as high noise and dust diffusion in the production process have been reasonably solved.

It is equipped with counterattack breaking and conical breaking performance advantage 1   Wireless remote control operation through wireless remote control operation, the equipment can be easily driven to the trailer and transported to the operation site, and the intelligent operation is more convenient; two   The operation efficiency is high.

The installation form of integrated unit equipment eliminates the complex site infrastructure installation of split components, and reduces the consumption of materials and man hours.

After sales: make a return visit from time to time to understand users’ thoughts, answer users’ problems and reduce downtime.

Video display long press identification QR code telephone: 13298138325 working principle when moving, power is provided through the power system, and the crawler chassis is controlled and driven by the hydraulic electric control system; During installation, the power system controls and drives the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic electric control system to automatically complete the equipment installation; During operation, the power system drives and controls the main engine and auxiliary equipment through the hydraulic and electric control system.

It is understood that the market quotation of a mobile crusher ranges from 300000 to 2 million.

The specific price of the equipment can be determined only after the user configures the appropriate model according to the specific production demand.

Photo actual shooting: the whole machine is driven to walk, which is not limited by the site.


Performance advantages of mobile crawler construction waste crusher 1.

If you are interested in the equipment or want to obtain the specific quotation, Welcome to contact us.

The equipment can reach any position in the workplace under any terrain conditions.

It can be put into operation immediately as soon as it arrives at the operation site; three   Support the mixed use of oil and electricity.

The mobile crawler construction waste crusher is self driven, with mature technology and complete functions.


According to the different granularity of construction waste products, a variety of equipment can be realized.

It can follow up the crushing progress at any time for timely crushing, and effectively alleviate the secondary pollution, labor and unnecessary transportation costs caused by the transfer of construction waste.


The integrated combined operation mode is adopted without assembly time.

Long press identification QR code Tel.: 13298138325 customer on-site service support     Tailor made production scheme      Free installation and perfect after-sales service     Solve production problems remotely      In order to make the user’s production safer, more productive and continuous, domestic manufacturers provide users with one-stop professional services, reduce investment and save costs.


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