[22 enrollment catalogue] Shenyang Architecture University, East China Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of technology, Wuyi University,

In 2001, due to the late retest of Shenyang Architecture University, some 330 students who felt that they could not enter the retest were transferred away, so there were students with 300-320 points who missed the retest and were finally admitted.

[Shenyang Architecture University] enrollment directory, enrollment directory and examination outline link: http://grs.sjzu.edu.cn/zsxx/sszs.htm Preliminary test book: Wang Jing, engineering economics (Fifth Edition), Dalian University of Technology Press, August 2017.

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In a word, it takes at least 330 + to enter Shenyang Architecture University for an interview.

The preliminary test paper of engineering economics of Shenyang Architecture and Architecture University only includes: large problem calculation and short answer!! Admission list of Engineering 085900 in 21 years: Application Analysis: Shenyang Architecture University is one of the eight new universities, and the competition is not small.

[East China Jiaotong University] enrollment directory link: http://yjsy.ecjtu.edu.cn/info/1018/2530.htm [Liaocheng University] enrollment directory link: http://yjsc.lcu.edu.cn/zsgz/zyml/403650.htm Preliminary book: engineering economics, edited by Liu Xiaojun, China Construction Industry Press, Third Edition, 2015 [Wuyi University] Enrollment directory enrollment directory link: https://www.wyu.edu.cn/yjscx/info/1084/2385.htm [Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences] enrollment directory link: http://yzw.usx.edu.cn/info/1004/1623.htm Past review # [22 enrollment catalogue] Nanjing University of technology, Qingdao University of technology, Suzhou University of science and technology, Nanjing Forestry University, Changjiang University # [22 enrollment catalogue] Henan University of technology Tianjin urban construction university, Jilin Architecture University # [22 enrollment catalogue] Henan University of technology, Hebei Institute of architecture and engineering..

330 – the entrance retest is not very stable.

Although there are 300-310 points in the 21-year admission list, it is because there is a special situation in 21 years.


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