Hulunbuir construction qualification


Technical conditions (1) the disciplines are complete and reasonable, and the disciplines and quantity of main professional and technical personnel meet the provisions of the “main professional and technical personnel allocation table” in the applied special qualification standard.

Qualification and reputation (1) have the qualification of independent enterprise legal person.

      If we want to engage in architectural decoration engineering, we not only need to have a detailed understanding of the industry, but also need to apply for architectural decoration engineering design qualification.

2021 Grade a qualification standard for Huangpi architectural decoration engineering design qualification 1.



Purchase invoice of main equipment required by the standard 6.

Tel: 13881983131 zhaocaimao construction wechat: 13881983131 Hulunbuir zhaocaimao Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Duplicate copy of enterprise organization code certificate 3.

Zhaocai cat enterprise processing consulting (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.

Social insurance certificate of key personnel of the enterprise one month before application 12.

(2) have a good social reputation and a registered capital of no less than 3 million yuan.

1、 General contracting qualification of service guide construction: construction, municipal administration, electric power, electromechanical equipment, highway, railway, port and waterway, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, metallurgy, chemical petroleum and communication.

Zhaocai cat’s headquarters is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, a “Little Hong Kong” in Southwest China, enjoying a “land of abundance” Laudatory name.

Tibet (Tibet), Hubei (Hubei), Anhui (Anhui), Jiangsu (Jiangsu), Shanghai (Shanghai), Zhejiang (Zhejiang), Fujian (min), Hunan (Hunan), Jiangxi (Jiangxi), Sichuan (Sichuan, Shu), Chongqing (Chongqing), Guizhou (Guizhou, Guizhou), Yunnan (Yunnan, Yunnan), Guangdong (Guangdong), Guangxi (Guangxi), Hainan (Hainan), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Macao (Macao), Taiwan (Taiwan).

Duplicate copy of enterprise articles of association 4.

Technical director Basic information and performance of the contractor (or registered constructor)..

What is the class a qualification standard for Huangpi architectural decoration engineering design qualification in 2021? What materials need to be prepared? Today’s Xiaobian of will give you a detailed introduction.

(2) The main technical director or chief designer and chief engineer of the enterprise shall have a bachelor’s degree or above, have more than 8 years of experience in architectural decoration design, and have presided over no less than 2 large and medium-sized architectural decoration engineering design projects, including no less than 1 large architectural decoration engineering design project, and have a professional technical title above senior level or a registered architect (class I registered structural engineer) registered professional qualification.

We started in Chengdu and took Shu as the mainland.

Identity certificate of on-site management personnel, photocopy of post certificate 9.

With more than 10 years of intensive cultivation, our business has covered the whole southwest region and promoted to the whole country.

Identity certificate and professional title certificate (academic certificate) of personnel with intermediate and above professional titles Photocopy 8.


Identity certificate of technical director, professional qualification certificate, professional title certificate or skill certificate 10.


Preparation of class a materials for Huangpi architectural decoration engineering design qualification in 2021.

A copy of property right certificate shall be issued if it belongs to self owned property right; if it belongs to lease or borrowing, a copy of lease (borrowing) certificate shall be issued Copies of property ownership certificate and lease contract or borrowing agreement of both parties 5.

Technical equipment and management level (1) Necessary technical equipment and fixed workplace.

At present, there are more than 500 employees, the proportion of professional and technical personnel is more than 60%, and the number of registered technical talents with medium and high-grade technical titles and more than class I qualifications ranks in the forefront of the operation.

Proof of office space.

(3) among the personnel specified in the main professional and technical personnel allocation table, non registered personnel shall have participated in at least one large-scale architectural decoration engineering design project, or at least two medium-sized architectural decoration engineering design projects, and have intermediate or above professional and technical titles.

provides you with the latest construction information.

Com) referred to as zhaocaimao.

(3) The enterprise has completed no less than 2 medium-sized building decoration engineering design projects, or no less than 1 large-scale building decoration engineering design project.

Construction professional contracting qualification: environmental protection, decoration, electromechanical equipment, building curtain wall, ancient architecture, urban and road lighting, electronics and intelligence, fire protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, steel structure, formwork scaffold, foundation, hoisting equipment, ready mixed concrete, bridge beam, tunnel, highway pavement, highway subgrade, highway transportation, railway electricity, railway track laying and beam erection Railway electrification, airport runway, civil aviation air traffic control, airport visual navigation aid, port and coast, channel, navigation buildings, port and navigation equipment and water traffic management, hydraulic metal structure fabrication and equipment, water conservancy and hydropower electromechanical equipment, river and lake regulation, power transmission and transformation, nuclear engineering, offshore oil and special equipment.

(2) sound enterprise management organization, standard system and quality system.

It is a company registered with Hulunbuir Administration for Industry and commerce, providing qualification, qualification handling, qualification agency, qualification transfer, various construction engineering qualifications, handling safety production licenses An enterprise management consulting company that provides talent services for construction enterprises (first-class and second-class constructors, middle and senior engineers, technician certificates, etc.), and provides efficient resource services for enterprise development.

Business license Duplicate copy 2.


Service planning cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai.

Initial registration or change of registration materials of registered constructor approved by the provincial registration management department (new enterprise without qualification) 7.

Identity certificate of technical workers, photocopy of vocational training certificate or vocational skill certificate 11.

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