2021.9.17 latest recruitment information of construction industry

(the safety officer and electrician must have valid certificates.

Tel.: Luo Gong 13790785675   2.


Working location: Zhuhai City.


More than 2 years of working experience in housing construction and plant projects is preferred.

Sincerely hire: the safety officer is located in Guangzhou, a project of kidney disease hospital.


If you are interested, please consult: 15015901008 (same wechat number) 15.

The salary is 7000 packages of food and accommodation, and the monthly salary contact Lin 18406685356 (wechat same number) has air-conditioning packages for food and accommodation in the urgent recruitment dormitory   6.

Apply for progress payment.

The official account platform is designed to facilitate the needs of both suppliers and buyers.

Zhuhai main road construction (housing construction project) is looking for construction talents: 1 production manager, 1 data supervisor, 1 safety documenter, 1 water and electricity supervisor, 1 water and electricity constructor.

Be able to read the drawings independently and make a visa.

Sincerely hire: 1 safety officer (   Safety officer C certificate is required   6500-7000 project address: China Railway 16th Bureau (Longgang) Tel: 1582086854112.

Huilong expressway project.

It has broad development space and group contracts.

Recruitment: One aircraft controller with preferential treatment.


General manager he: 186233009925, recruitment of a resident professional supervision engineer, decoration project, the construction site is in Futian, Shenzhen, salary interview, contact Huang Sheng 1324205272426, Shenzhen Dapeng 1, recruitment of a civil data clerk for housing construction project, who can work as precast pile and steel structure Priority of process data.

(do not disturb the Contractor) Working hours: Nine Nights, six nights and four days’ rest.

In September 17, 2021, Guangdong construction industry recruitment information statement: all recruitment information of this official account is from the Internet.


One safety proficient documenter.

The work content will prepare the material schedule of the project and guide the materialman to purchase materials.

We sincerely invite friends to seriously identify the authenticity and credibility of the information.

Pacific Construction Group, a subsidiary of the world’s top 500 enterprises, has the support of Jiangmen leaders to develop municipal roads, roads, bridges, highways, water conservancy, water ecology, gardens and other engineering businesses in Jiangmen.

Recruitment of skilled and semi skilled house construction documenters, working in Boluo Shiwan Town, the company directly recruits social security, the salary is negotiable, interested parties contact Ye Gong, Tel.

Li, 1353881 0330   4.

Huizhou Sihai studio recruits a housing construction documenter, apprentice and expert, interested in ITU, 13413159870, Chen quanjun, wechat, the same number 7.

Can accept resident, under the age of 45.

Talk about the salary by yourself.

Because of the adverse consequences of accepting this information, the platform is not responsible for any of the information.

Working location: Nanxiong, Shaoguan, Western Union, work shift, food and accommodation, free 2-4 room accommodation, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, wireless network, washing machine, etc.

More than two years of experience in budget and settlement of housing construction projects.

Zhongshan housing construction project recruits two deputy testers.

Pay against the market price.

Zou from Hainan and Guangxi – 18725644108 (same wechat number) 21.

Please note your name and position and provide your resume.

At present, it is hard to do the foundation.

Recruit a skilled house construction documenter, mainly responsible for curtain wall decoration.


Thank you for your cooperation!! 24.

It is required to contact girls, a tester, boys, 5-8k Person: Li, 15173822195   10.

Shenzhen Longhua project recruits a municipal documenter with a salary of 6k-1w.

There are two building number managers and two safety officers.

Salary: about 8000 semi skilled workers per month, 10000 to 12000 skilled workers + other benefits.

Shenzhen project recruits a 4k-8k semi skilled worker or fresh graduate.

Scaffolding Adjustable Base Jack Nut

Recruitment: Highway proficient documenter, salary 8000 ~ 10000 yuan, workplace, BOLUO County, Huizhou City.

Contact number: President Wang: 1598952680511.

A housing construction semi expert, water and electricity installation documenter (resident required) , work location: Poly Jinting Bay, Shanwei, salary is temporarily 6000-7000 or set according to ability, monthly rest is 3-4 days, year-end benefits, and it is required to have worked for one year.

The safety officer needs 2 people.


The documenter can give higher, about 8000.

Foshan “beautiful village” Recruitment of Surveying and construction personnel for construction project, working address: Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City, salary: 1W +.


The project is in Shenzhen, male, and requires more than 5 years of working experience.

One electrician is recruited for Huizhou Daya Bay plant project, with a salary of about 8K.

President Zhang 13829267316   Three building managers (required to have done aluminum formwork climbing frame), one quality inspector, safety director (more than eight years of working experience), and Yang (the same number on wechat) are urgently recruited for Zengcheng Shitan project 17.

The treatment telephone number is Xiangtan, and the contact number is Huang Sheng 1827949866828.

Dongguan construction company recruits two chief technicians with more than 10 years of relevant working experience in the construction industry and technical management experience in more than 3 Housing construction projects of more than 100000 m3    Salary: 21W ~ 30W    If you are interested, you can wechat the same number: 1803801024123, [Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction] special grade of real estate construction [recruitment position]: \   [business manager] Guangdong Zhongshan, Huizhou and Foshan   [chief technical engineer] Guangdong Zhanjiang, Foshan, Shenzhen, Hainan   [quality controller] Zhongshan, Foshan and   [technician] Zhongshan, Foshan   [budgeter] Huizhou 1.

safety C certificate, required to make safety data, be familiar with computer forms and on-site management 2    Project section production manager (manage project production and all matters on site in Highway Engineering Section) 3    2 cost engineers (municipal highway, working experience in state-owned enterprises is preferred) Location: Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, including three meals, overseas subsidies, telephone subsidies and generous salary.

The electrician is lower, 7500, including food and accommodation.

It is required that at least one complete municipal project has been done and boys can drive.

Recruitment of experienced documenter of housing construction, working location: Dongsheng Village, Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai high tech Zone, treatment: 10000.

Recruit four familiar or semi familiar budget staff, please add wechat fpq031, send your resume and arrange an interview.


Do not disturb those who are not familiar with it.

If you are interested, please contact: Feng Gong, Tel.: 151130961598.

Requirements: under the age of 40, familiar with third-party flight inspection experience, strong communication and adaptability, and having worked in country garden project is preferred..

Buy five insurances and one fund, performance bonus, provide accommodation, catering subsidies, transportation / communication subsidies, computer subsidies, family visit holidays and expenses, etc.

Recruit five information apprentices in construction.

Educational background is no less than junior college.

The project owner is from the civil service department, and the documenter who has been a project of the civil service department is preferred! 18813511342627.

Recruitment of talents for large engineering general contracting enterprises: Highway Engineering Project 1    Safety Officer (must hold the safety officer certificate of the Department of transportation, i.e.

The salary interview (not lower than the market price) intends to contact Li Gong 17620853700 (wechat synchronization) Note: semi skilled hands do not disturb 22.


Xiaoping project in Baiyun District, Guangzhou is sincerely employed.

Contact: Mr.

The construction period is about 4 months.


(it is necessary to have a combination of personnel and certificates, and it is not necessary to hang a separate certificate) [post requirements] : 1.

One water and electricity proficient documenter.

Requirements: under the age of 40, unified recruitment of college students or above, complete operation of residential projects, familiar with the unit price of labor and materials, and clear ideas of cost control; location: Guangdong , Ms.

Contact person: Huang Gong 135022293393.


The first construction subsidy is 8W / year, and the monthly salary is paid in full and on time.

1597615515220, sincerely hire a house construction business manager.

Welcome to recommend yourself: Miss Qin: 13246893349 (wechat) Miss Song: 13250336569 (wechat same number).


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