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Focus on steel structure prefabricated rural houses, drive the development of prefabricated buildings, guide all localities to actively promote prefabricated rural houses according to local conditions, accelerate the transformation of traditional rural house construction methods and improve the quality of rural houses.

Standardized, modular and scalable prefabricated container room.

The promotion and application of prefabricated buildings in Rural Revitalization is also an important development direction.

The construction time of huoshenshan hospital and leishenshan hospital is short and the task is heavy.

Key factors for rapid completion: 1.

Ministry of housing and urban rural development: prefabricated buildings will be an important part in the special planning and key tasks in the fields of Rural Revitalization and urban and rural human settlements construction during the 14th five year plan.

In the “post epidemic era”, the transformation of the world pattern to “multipolar” has accelerated, international cooperation is more important, and the demand for “belt and road” construction has increased, showing strong tenacity and vitality.

They give full play to the advantages of rapid construction of prefabricated buildings, buy time for life and make the public aware of the advantages of prefabricated steel structure buildings.

Modular design and integrated design of nursing unit.

They are an important change in construction methods, construction technology, building materials and construction organization.

Ministry of housing and urban rural development: prefabricated buildings represent the development trend of new construction methods.

The formal signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), the negotiation of the China EU investment agreement, and the signing of the cooperation plan between China and the African Union on jointly promoting the construction of the “belt and road…” in the post epidemic era, “China’s investment in manufacturing, real estate and other industries in ASEAN countries has increased significantly.” in the post epidemic era “, the demand for public health buildings, logistics and warehousing is booming…


Rebar Chair

Strategic objectives: consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation, pay close attention to agricultural production, improve rural production and living conditions, solidly promote rural reform and rural construction, and realize agricultural and rural modernization.


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